13 Block – Les gars de la ville (English lyrics)

Intro :
Hey, oh, hey, oh, (ta-ta-ta-ta-ta)
The real niggas, the real niggas
Urban violence, riots homies, the mixtape is coming
Olaskurt, bitch

1st verse (Zed) :
How do you expect me to start making clean money
When in one day I make the price of a Golf
Apart from doing the turn of our blocks, lurking around, we don’t know how to do anything else
Bad mentality, city guy, I gotta make me a future in narcotics
We promised ourselves that we would keep getting money, until one of us loses his life
Several profits in sight, I’ll never ride the bus again, you know us boy, we’re about that illicit life
Tell me what are you gonna do, if we ever ow you any money
You’ll file a complaint, weird ass swag boy

2nd verse (OldPee) :
The drugs are on their way at full speed, come back later
They’re all present at the time of the drug deal like a bunch of little kids in the school restaurant
Being involved becomes a life style, homie, who are you trying to imitate ?
You’re working with the quarter of half a kilo stop trying to act like a big time drug dealer
Make it profitable, make it profitable my nigga in order to buy the Uzi, bad nigga in town, (??)
Always on the wrong path (??) that make you frown
It’s better to die on the dope spot than to be affiliated to a cop

3rd verse (Zefor) :
I’ve got the balls to do it, I’ve got my crew, I’ve got enough bullets for several guys
I have the money to buy the product, crazy quality in order to reproduce it
The game to get her in bed (??)
Just know that whether we’re away or at home, I remain the same nigga from my town
I’ve got dreadlocks and come test me, just like your father, I’ll fuck your mother up
The sparkles will make you disappear, you become snow in front of the sun
My Arabs, my niggas do their things away or in the perimeter
If you attack the business, you’ll start shitting from a chair

4th verse (DeTess) :

Opening the dope spot… (Olaskurt)
It’s the beginning of a match, opening the dope spot, 11 o’clock, there’s no referee there to blow the whistle
Anti state work hours and I’m the chosen one, it’s not just to decorate my text
You know, there’s always product, go on the side if you want to get high
For the dollars, you know the corner, the “blochaus” are think like Twix
The world is going crazy and I don’t give a fuck, you need to stop thinking and start acting
Put our balls on the table if the best class wasn’t PE
Yeah homie

Outro :
Bla Bla, 13 blo-gang, you already know how we operate from the begining
13-blo gang (olaskurt), 13 Block, 13 Block, 13 Block
Olaskurt, olaskurt, olaskurt (africa-gang)
13 blo-gang, yah
Defff Records Label homie
We’re always involved, Chelles-zer


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