MEDUSA X LUTHECK – Medusa (English lyrics)

1st verse (BSK) :
I’ll fuck you up (la muerte, le muerte)
If I crush you with my pair of J’s
I’m the best that’s what they’re saying
I slang coke and weed, I swear on the Coran and the Bible
If we don’t rob, if we don’t deal, we don’t steal
How do you expect us to live ?
Your sister is sucking me right now (ouh)
It’s crazy how her…stinks (ouh)
I heard you’re trying to act big or tough
But you only ate blows
Don’t try to be a thug-thug-thug
Free (??) all my brother brothers brothers
One million and I’m happy happy happy
I pull out the 9 mili, it’s new new new

2nd verse (Lutheck) :
The white arrives during winter (the whites arrives during winter)
A fiend on the cell phone (a fiend on the cell phone)
Army fatigue (army fatigue)
You raise your fist I raise the gun (you raise your fist I raise the gun)
White smoke in the room (white smoke in the room)
From noon to midnight we slang ace (from noon to midnight we slang ace)
You fuckers, why run away you’re gonna get yourself smoked
My coke will make ill, you’re gonne catch a flu

Chorus :
There’s smoke in the room (Capelovici, Capelovici)
I’m gonna make it a hell of a binks (Capelovici)
Fuck cheques long live cash (Capelovici)
Represent Paris with a flow from the States
Money on my racks (Capelovici, Capelovici)
Bitch keep the change and then we flex
Money is the only thing that calms me down (Capelovici)
Double conference call if she calls me (Capelovici)

3rd verse (Lutheck) :
Game Over, we’ll spray you up
You love the smell, that’s because I got weed on me
In the Rover, followed by the cops
If you open your mouth, dont close it in front of my dick
Some Lutheck in the coupe, the cops catches us
You act like a fool we pull the Glock out (Bang Bang Bang)
Capelovici Capelovici Veni Vici Louis Vui Gucci
Let the team come through
If you don’t have any cash I’ll steal your clothes

4th verse (MG) :
We don’t speak Chinese like Capelovici
Bring me an Italian girl and call me Capelo Gucci
We slang kush, you’re selling your ass
You act like you’re all tough but you’re skinny
Nigga, nigga make your money
It’s either you work, or you deal
I’m from the jungle like the Coca
Our best defense is offence
Medusa Lutheck that’s the mafia
Bring your whore in the cave
Why kill each other over a few grams
I’ll put the money on the table and we’ll work something out


5th verse (Lutheck) :
STOP ! Lower your eyes when I’m talking to you
I’ll explode your demeanor
1,2,3 soleil
Don’t move, where is my money ?
Maitre Capelo-pelo (Maitre Capelo-pelo)
O fefe está pelo pelo (O fefe está pelo pelo)
I sell coke with a phone
Milimeter on your head
Say Salam to Ben Laden

6th verse (Tidark) :
Capeolovici, I want my euro bills to be orange just like the bitches
She’s smiling because there’s double cheese in my boxers
I’m doing the nae nae dance in front of all my enemies (Eh Eh)
Go fuck yourself, you’re crazy crazy
There’s mad kush in the fucking binks binks binks
Hum, I’m counting my euro bills, you’re counting your change
Levi’s shirt, Pair fo J’s on my feet
Son of a bitch, open your mouth and see what happens
If the server gives me a glass
I’ll lower my zipper as a tip

Outro :
Maitre Capelo-pelo
O fefe está pelo pelo (x3)
Pelo, pelo (x4)

MEDUSA X LUTHECK – Capelovici (English lyrics)

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