PNL – Lion (English lyrics)

1st verse (Ademo) :
I designed myself and I’m not even sure if I’m done yet
I made a deal with the devil my sister, and now I want out
Want some hate ? Here, you can have mine, I’ll explain it to you
If I ever happen to “heart” you, it’s because I think you look hot in that Bikini
I spit that real shit that all the phonies listen to
When you’re in a shit hole, well, you don’t have any choice but to hustle
The only gun shots you’ll hear is in our music
In front of her naked ass, I play me some Triple Chain Gang
So many things to talk about, nothing much left to count
Putting my forehead to the floor is the way I vote
Nothing but bitches next door
Nothing but traitors down stairs
They’re all crazy up stairs
I swear to god that lying makes you deaf
start speaking the truth and they’ll shut you down
I’m tired of rapping, I’ll soon be quitting if there’s no money in it
I’m tired of rapping, I’ll soon be quitting if there’s no money in it
Homie we’re so street, our fans listen to us via free wifi
In the middle of the hood, brothers are drowning in Tennesse
Admit it, you have a crush on Jasmine, but she doesn’t understand that you’re QLF
That you slang for your family, that you won’t open up to no one
Don’t overthink it homie, god is great, fuck the darkness
And even seated on a bench, the bench has more chances of becoming famous
Homie I’m used to it, that’s my routine, the struggle
A big paycheck, my villa, and I’ll be screaming “nananananère
Nananananère nananananère”
If we ever make it big, I’ll smoke me a Cohiba, dressed in Louis V on the beach
The shrink wanted me to open up to her, she ended up in tears
And there’s really nothing tragic, that’s just life, I take it upon me
I do this in order for my sentence to be reduced, the other rappers are nobodies
we sell them coke, fuck the prison gards
My music is hard white, straigth to the goal like Mark Landers
While you listen to all those other low quality rappers
That either sell you low quality shit or poppers
But anyways, I won’t get jealous over this, because me, I don’t do any feats, forget it
If I lay my voice on the instrumental, It’s only for the money

2nd verse (N.O.S) :
I’m distancing myself away from the herd, I’m getting deeper and deeper into the savannah
Shoulders deep into the ground, lower than dirt, washed up from all the grams
I don’t need their vicious tongues in order for me to be misleaded
Heaped up against each other, we leave our two-room flat only to end up in a 9 square meter jail cell
I’m not like them homie, this isn’t my place
I’m going for a spin on planet Namek, Chico I’m disrespectful
I don’t see this type of money being made in the classroom
The charms of my hatred can be embarassing
My past and my present is in your blunt wrap
I’m neither trying to please or imitate them
There’s a “M” on my forehead, there’s a “V” on my back
I find myself talking to my blunt, I’ll pass it over to Casper
My brother’s ennemies are the same as mines, we go to war together
A bastard would like to see how much balls I’ve got, a little angel is trying to play with my heart
Me and the bastard end up scrapping it out, I let the little angel know that my heart speaks in currency
You want to know what I do for a living ? What ever it is that I have to for my family
Other than that I’m also into slangin, Banned from heaven, the angels boo me
The demons like that, the demons like that, the demons like that
A bomb in my stomach, I take calming pills before it blows bang
The demons like that, the demons like that, the demons like that
far from mankind I don’t have any attachments
I’m running in circles, Manny I’m walking up and down
Lost, the angels are playing hide and seek
If this doesn’t work out, Ill be right back on the spot, on the wrong side of the sidewalk
It’s really easy to throw your life away my friend, too late to hesitate
Having sex with this girl doesn’t even interest me any more
I get bored even when I’m in her ass
Nothing changes, jsut look at all these kilos
The world chico, written on the back of this brick
We don’t speak much, like E.T phone home
Right now I’m running in circles, chasing pennys
That cunt is smoking my weed
But she doesn’t want her boyfriend to find out
And me I’m not interested in knowing what her name is
I’m risking my life to see them smile
It’s QLF when you think we’re stacking money
Go fuck yourself
Only family, that’s how we think
Only the cops pay us visits
There’s no more money left under the matress
It’s time to get back to work, as always
The walls are starting to crumble, time is passing by way too quickly
We’re out of cash, chico I’ll have to resell the coupe
And I keep the gat
I take no break on my way up
I only double check once I’m at the top
Homie we’ve got lives to fulfill, to build
I’m not kidding, I don’t like the cop’s sense of humor


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