Lukasyno ft. Pih – Znamię Kaina (English lyrics)

1st Verse Lukasyno :

Stand in front of a mirror.
Look yourself in the eyes
and say whether you want to be a wolf or a sheep.
In my neighbourhood there was a block of flats.
I used to go onto the roof and observe the whole district from there.
Winding streets resembling ridges on my palms.
Empty benches, dust on the blinds.
My friends are scattered all over the world, we respect each other.
Some of us are quite well off while for others things are not going so well. That’s life.
Unique bond you cannot break.
My God, what have I done!
Instead of catching the ball on the fly I was blaming myself.
The mistakes of youth rocked my boat like a gale.
Sport, discipline were a way out to a brighter future.
When I was a kid my parents worked abroad.
I was brought up by my grandmother.
Grandpa had a drinking problem so she could not rely on him.
I remember the taste of bread with cured pork shoulder
and her smiling when I was calling her from the courtyard.
Empty house in the evenings, tired after school
I used to do my homework and warm my dinner up.
Guardian angel would tell me ” Follow your path”.
Can’t say I have no regrets.
My hood sucked my in, hip hop, night life.
The steets, parties, women, weed, alcohol.
I came to my senses when I already had pancreatitis
and was vomiting bile.
My first business – purchasing and selling cellphones.
I used to close at late hours, some Russians wanted to rob me.
Pocket full of scrilla and a bag full of mobile phones.
I had to be vigilant every day, an unsafe way home.
Next were the studies. At nights I used to work as a cabby.
I took naps at taxi stands. I was fucking fed up with junk food.
At the university people would say I don’t belong there.
I didn’t give up. I feel disgust each time I see them.
Fuck their diplomas and theories about life.
Bedridden. It took me quite a while to get back in shape.
After two leg surgeries I had to stop practising sport.
Calisthenics – true power. It saved my life.
If it wasn’t for my ambition I don’t know where I would be now.
Educate yourself instead of wasting your life.
They said it ain’t shit. I felt proud
cause I didn’t took the easy way out. I was using my judgement.
I wanted to quit, rap faded into the background.
Writing lyrics brought me serenity.
Today I’m back in my neighbourhood, standing on the roof.
I’m free. I bought myself out through sacrifice.


2nd Verse PIH :

Quiet, cold night.
Teenage kids crying at the entrance of a block (of flats)
Ambulance lights, prosecutor, pavement, blood clots.
A hand of a fourteen-year-old boy is sticking out of a body bag.
Broken neck, legs scattered on the ground, the world is a terrible place.
Last cry for help.
I didn’t fall asleep that night. I was lying in a uncomfortable bed
with a pillow filled with evil thoughts.
For those who passed away too soon: ” May you find eternal peace.”
I survived, but I was standing on the roof of a block (of flats) myself.
1995-96. Life shook me up.
I was fed up with it, contemplating suicide.
Everyone is nailed to their own cross.
Hypocritical (ten) commandments don’t make your life meaningful.
I was filled with nostalgia. Felt homesick
when there were hundreds of strange, hostile crows sitting on a tree next to my window.
I was never afraid to live even though sometimes life’s toxic.
I would find happiness where I wasn’t looking for it.
I wasn’t this rich kid. Many times it was tough but
I couldn’t ask my father to give me money.
I felt that fucking burden.
I would tell myself that God cannot be everywhere at the same time.
I would hear a strange voice in my head many times.
It was another day when I was accompanied by darkness.
I often feel cold when I close my eyes.
People are marching through the streets in body bags.
We used to be close but now I don’t have a sentimental attachment to them.
There’s no place for them in my heart.
I’m writing another obituary notice with a bottle of vodka in my hand.
Never against my own judgement, as my conscience dictates.
No one gave me nothing, future is now.
Down here, where city lights strip stars of its glitter.

Outro: x2
They were never my friends.
Treated me as their enemy, it was a long road.
I’ve done it myself.
I don’t owe them nothing.
They can call me ” Cain “.
My beef.

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