SCH – John Lennon (English lyrics)

Intro :
In order for there to be a secret, you have to be two
In order to smoke a traitor, I can go alone
I’m in the middle, like Arsi, like Middleton
She’ll get comfy under my sheets
Don Pé’, Ruinart, Moët
I take the palette, and spank that ass
We grew up with our heads in the vise
I drink it from the bottle and empty out my liver in the toilets

Unique verse :
We need to leave France rich, am I right ?
I’ve got vampires down stairs that would drink mother Teresa’s blood
I’m a fucking indelible, around here there’s nothing but Velledas
They felt my whole arm, all the way up to my shoulder
Yet, I only slipped a finger in
They’re all a bunch of faggots, just like your friends
I wasn’t shit back then, but now I’m on your ass
I came straight out of the eye of the storm, I piss in the cyclops’s eye
Puto, you remember back when we would show up at your party all drunk
To fuck it up, hein, you remember puto
At night I dream of sticking up Brink trucks
I’m Nagazaki in Spirited away
Bitch don’t compare me, my balls are big as Ciro’s
I’ll smoke him, it’s not a problem, it’s nothing, homie
The hood knows it, yeah uncle
The more I smoke, the more I sink into the couch
I’m holding my dick, I’m holding my bottle
I came here to mark history à la Wu-Tang
You’re in the mix of a gang bang without clothes, without g-string
Bitch where are the guns ?
Marseille is crazy, we’re down for action like in Englewood
Drug rings, the political left wing and Marine Le Pen are all upset
Don’t act like a leader, you only stick up a Lidl
Above everything, I’m John Lennon from the Beattles
They’re giving me hard times
But I’ll still eat them they’re Skittles
Puto, puto don’t forget to take your poppers
We’re your worse nightmare, your biggest haters

Outro :
Mathafack, mathafack
I’ll show you how it’s done
Puto puto
It’s Le S, Götze, Number 19


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