Booba – E.L.E.P.H.A.N.T (English lyrics)

Intro :
Bamboula is gonna make mula
Slowly but dirtily

1rst verse :
Before I seduce you, I’ll be very elegant
From barking without bitting, you’re going to break your teeth
Before I destroy them, I leave people talk
I’ll never have an Ivory tower, I don’t kill elephants
Those that are armed the best, Kalash, Uzi, are the best off
My dick is dipping in the water, I’m pissing from the stilt house
The lifestyle is very black, so dark is the melody
UKT to enter in ceremony
When I’m high I get a little paranoid, I bring the shotgun in the jacuzzi
We’ll make you talk with the chain saw, bro, in Tony’s world
Carla Bruni is playing the guitar to Sarkozy
A little Moroccan girl is fucking Berlusconi
I’m known in India, at Champigny
Your broad wants to go for a spin in the Lamborghini
By fucking a lot of people up, we improve ourselves
The shell fires on those sons of bitches intensifies
When you’re in your shit hole, if you feel good in it, you live there
My department likes the white from Bolivia
The cocaine is rather good over here
A mind of steel, every one has done some time around here
We never say what we’re doing, but we always do what we say
I’ll show you who I am, I’ll get in your pussy, I’ll pull out my ID
“If you don’t have any mula, Bamboula, get out of here” the bitch told me
Don’t move, Hello, Vincent, me want Vivendi’s money
Those who face the DUC will meet a tragic end
“Fuck your mother that whore” on my business card
Six Jordan under ground and the problem’s solved
Men like you are the reason why no one evolves
Who are they really ? I wonder
I’m on Sept A Huit, my enemies are in front of their TVs
Nwarmalement at the Camp des Loges
When I’ll do my concert at the Parc des Princes, Armand will be in his box seat

Chorus :
Oulala, Bamboula is gonna make mula
Oulala, Bamboula is gonna make mula
Oulala, oula-oula-oulala
Oulala, Bamboula is gonna make mula
Oulala, oula-oula-oulala
Oulala, Bamboula is gonna make mula


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