Zeus – Strumień (English Lyrics)

[First Verse]
Generation of self-promotion. They want everything straight away.
There’s no time for all this nonsense about patience.
Life’s like a run. If you don’t take part in it you cease to exist.
There’s no time for advances. We only got time for sex.
Either you’re down for it or you’re history.
Everyone on Facebook already knows that we broke up.
You’re an emancipated woman. Just like a teenage girl should be.
Tell me something. You’ve been telling the same bullshit to your previous 15 partners?
You want to have a little group sex, baby?
Invite a few mates.
Just because your skirt’s hiked up, it doesn’t mean that you’re whoring yourself.
No-one will forbid you to sleep around.
Everyone wants to lead a comfortable life.
It has nothing to do with prostitution.
It’s just a little blowjob for a pair of jeans.
Guys get hard-on’s. You’re real popular now
but it’s hard to find boys who didn’t fondle you.

Stop! I don’t know where this world is heading to
but I think I’m going the other way.
It’s like getting an electric shock.
And again I think I’ll go against the tide
instead of jumping into the stream.
I guess I don’t feel it the same way you do.
I don’t need MTV anymore, Blu-ray instead of DVD
and new piece of ass every weekend.
Do you feel the same way?

[Second Verse]
When you were younger you had one audio cassette
and you knew each song by heart.
Now you’re downloading whole discographies,
cramming your hard drive with God knows what.
It would take you few years to listen to all them mp3’s you’re storing on it.
Your old CD player is gathering dust and you
spend another 90 minutes in front of the computer
trying to figure out what you should delete from your iPod.
Another day goes by and the weather changes.
It’s hard to make a playlist.
You’ve got 55 CD’s and you want to put them all.
It will take you ages cause it’s unfeasible.
You still don’t see that’s a bit weird, eh?
Half of the nicknames don’t ring any bells – let alone their new records.
You would do anything for an album of the year
and throw it away after a week.
Sometimes I feel the same way.
I want all them CD’s, straight away.
But it’s all bullshit, for real.
A lifetime won’t be enough to listen to all these albums.

Today I’m going to turn my life around.
Fuck doing everything in a hurry.
First I will eat dinner with my family.
I will put only one album on my CD player.
Later I will go for a walk to get some fresh air.
I’ll look at the sun and then I’ll come back home
and make love to a woman who knows that
there’s no-one besides her.

[Third Verse]
Nowadays we have so many possibilities
but do we really need it all?
Maybe sometimes it’s better to hang back instead of pressing ahead?
Life is all about good memories cause it goes fast, so I’m told.
If it’s true then why do we do things in an even bigger rush
and under even bigger stress?
What do we need this distorted vision of beauty for?
Female model with bulimia or anorexia retouched in Photoshop,
causing low self-esteem among girls.
Or this crazy pace that doesn’t allow us to even eat meals with our families.
Everything is supposed to be done right away.
Hell will be reheated in microwave too?
Or maybe it’s a live broadcast ?
High definition, Beelzebub TV.
We’re in a shopping frenzy.
You don’t know how much you’ve got any more
but you’re telling yourself: ” I need to buy more”
Facebook is an object of worship to you or just a convenience?
Do we need to have everything?
Maybe you just need half of these things.


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