3ROBI Fra333 English lyrics

Men look angry, I am a young boss
And my stack laughs at them
Funny men experience poop things
And they talk about loot
Sit in a Merry, feel German
And that thing has a crazy sound
Those chibas that want me down
Those chibas that want me down
i’m with Yassine, he makes crazy drill
And my chicka has a huge buttock
And my outfit are a lot of hundreds
You see ya wlad leq7ab look a lot
Ey, Philipp Plein pants on those air max, yeah
Voice of the driller and I’m with bro’s, yeah
Crazy bottles on the fucking table, yeah
You give me love, but I know you’re hater
Lots of marijuana, see me plant there
I see that hater, ya tabboun mok
I’m not a motherfucking scapegoat
I’m taking the motherfucking lead
For me, cash is distraction
Check, just like Eiting
Laughing at you, that’s my thing
Because you didn’t believe in my thing either
Ey, ey, ey, ey
I have that green and that (?), ey
Making money what I do, ey
Wazabi, and those fans who shout along, ey
Motherfuck, and I scared
Undercover what I am, uh, wazabi
Diha f karr din mok la konti rajel
Casablanca, motherfucker, dima Raja
In Twin Tower, with Titi, lay low
Welloe fren, what I am, I live like that
See me low in flamingo
I’m from the fucking streets
And yet I come on the radio
All my men are scary
Rwina pokoes what I bring
Property Public Transport, champi rosés
And we smoke from that Cali
Cartel shit, just Kali
I’m going to Indo, just to Bali
Crazy streams, Idaly
And my life is a rally
I always have to survive
I always have to survive
I always have to survive

3ROBI – FRA333, English lyrics


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