40 000 gang – Paris m’a tué (English lyrics)

1st verse (Vesti) :
Come in my projects, we’re many
Get out the guns, don’t scream, don’t worry it’s nothing
I fuck them like little bitches and walk away loaded
We’re not aiming for the money, but the gold record, son of a bitch
The inspiration is on my joint
Follow me if you’ve got a minimum of kilos sweety, don’t worry we’ll go far
I’m high but I’m fasting
Mister officer, I didn’t do anything, I was fucking, like my cousin would say
Yeah BR, tell them that the war will be done tommorow
I’ve got my fists in order to break your ribs if you talk shit
Big ass, a little naughty girl is handling the engin
Things are shitty in the projects so we hustle like indians

Chorus (Braki) x2 :
Paris killed me homie, Paris killed me
Paris killed me homie, Paris killed me
They were looking at me funny, as if I was weird
I think that it’s time for me to pull out my gun
But will they live up to their words if Boulbi goes to war ?

2nd verse (Darki) :
I fuck them and that’s the way it is
I fuck them and everything has been said
No need to make long sentences
BDS predicted it : Paris killed me
Paris killed me, it’s sad
My mother’s voice is resonating
Once I’m in the cabin
I see them the say way when my bitch tells me
“Take me from the back”
I remain true, authentic
I keep an eye on these sons of traitors
Dark consequences if one day you touch one of my brothers
Joint of weed, I need to fly away
I’ve got worries, a head full of them
Autotuned, I need to lay a melody
In order for these bitches to come and suck my dick
The haters know me by heart
They’re so weak that I take them on by the twos
Joint of weed, mixed with the Jack
The cops are there so scream 5-0
I’ll be disgusted if this continues
One day or another Paris is going to kill me


3rd verse (Braki) :
A lot of them retract on their acts
Just by their words, we know very well that they’re actors
Son, we’re not at home here
They tell us to go away, that we’re foreign
I hustle like my mother
Everyday I’ll drown myslef in my sweat
The color of my heart is so black
That my doctor asked me if I was a smoker
Hatred is envading my heart
Are my niggas those with big value
If I punch you, you’ll feel the pain
Don’t provoke me nigga, I’m not in the mood
I don’t speak much, I speak good
If ever there’s a problem, homie, I’ll pull the thing out
The guys are talking, the girls are talking
Compared to them, I think that we’re already way past them
Hash, blunt, I only need that
In my head I’m already very far
Taking risks in order to live the life
Making money is my hustle

Chorus (x2)


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