Kalash Criminel – Famas (Enlgish lyrics)

Unique verse :
I have no mercy when you touch my family
(wild !)
I know two or three guys that can find me a Famas
There’s no one when there’s a famine
Check out the competition, check out the competition they’re struggling to keep up
Brolik told me : “you’re going to kill them, don’t even be in a hurry”
Now, God knows that in my future I’ll speed pass them
If you’re down for action, you’re going to end up frozen
Merco left too early, I can’t stop thinking about it
Around here you only speak if you’re true to your word
I’m not part of those who respect the older guys in the projects more than their parents
(oh yeah ?)
Yaka kotala toza ébélé
Masasi na mabélé
(tah, tah, tah !)
We’re going to gun you down if you want a tonic
Talk to me about money, numbers and amounts
Gomi’s story, is nothing but a waste of time
Mom is happy, Crimi is happy
Ixzo, Baporo, told me : “That’s important”
The world is fucked up and it’s getting scary
And the government is incompetent
When I was little, I understood quickly that the police aren’t there to protect us
At 15 years old I bought a nine mili’
Because there’s sons of bitches who would like to see me dead
I would strike where they expected me the least
I’m like T.I in Atlanta
I’m already wearing a ski mask and you want me to speak about terrorist attacks

Outro :
The wildness on the mic, turn up the volume
My voice in every projects
You think that we’ll go to paradise by staying dark ?
And I’m not going to repeat myself, you understood the question
What did you say ?

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