Seth Gueko – Rubrique Necro ft. Lino (English lyrics)

Intro (Lino) :
Tch Tch
It goes : two, three…

1st verse (Lino) :
A lion one day, a sheep for a whole life
To me the choice is simple, you talk to me or you aim at me
Money, power and silicone titties, I understood this whole vice
It’s best to have to deal with god than with his saints
I broke the mirror again, already 400 years of bad luck
I’ll add seven that’s the project mayhem, I’m in the club like Tyler
Danger since the stroller, audio crime, I copyrighted it
Nigga I’m too honest, that’s the reason why I might die from it
I shoot plans on the comet, on my voice I’m betting
Tell them that they should consider themselves lucky, and that this time it was only a shirt
Too much whiny bitches, fake purists, kiddo what’s the theme ?
They want the “Like” before the “I love you”
Forget about the florist and the prayer, from the firm they want to recruit me
I’m not in the movie, cut off my two middle fingers and my dick will continue
2016 is up to date, maybe put some auto-tune in my whine in order to seduce Jul’s fan base
The keys to success open safes, I’ll lay you down even if you’re no the target
Imagine Gilbert Montagné with a Kalachnikov
I’m liable to a heavy sentence, I don’t feel mild and festive
I’m warning everyone who thought we were under numbered
No blasphemy and like the ways of heaven, I’ll remain impenetrable
We’ll come through, dude, at a hundred or more for a Planète Rap

2nd verse (Seth Gueko) :
Seth Gueks
Africa is getting it’s money stolen and the west is sharing it
Getting a gun shot is a robbery accident
I empty my balls out before I take the plane, (why ?)
To avoid an excess of luggage
I like seeing the youths stop in order to let the old folks pass
If a guy isn’t well behaved, we break his wisdom teeth
Honorable bandit, this is the Jack Mes’s education
We lift weight and press it with K-way sweat clothing
I haven’t finish my genetic mutation yet, their names won’t appear in the movie cast
The girls call me “the elephant man”, but not as a reference to John Merrick
I don’t like porc, I prefer hedge-hog
Don’t give me any praises, but when I see a hobo I give him my french fries
Whatever you might think, isn’t a satanist he who does geometrical signs
Geronimo’s elegance on the rhythm, gear, my violence is artistic
Put on some blinders, criticize if it amuses you do to so, the sentence to satan’s suppositories is hell’s anus
Brother, the ideal woman is deaf and dumb
I don’t wan’t any of their coke and Moët party, that’ll crush me into pieces
Seth Guek’

Outro (Lino & Seth Gueko) :
Val d’Oiser, we haven’t got the right profile
Motherfucker you’re nothing but a necrophile zombie
Fuck you you scavenger
I don’t put any C in my nose, like a Blood doesn’t put any C in his sentences
Microphone-addict, Val d’Oise, you’re nothing but a necrophile zombie
Fuck you you scavenger

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