Niro – Maman t’avais raison (English lyrics)

Intro :
Mama you were right
Yeah, mama you were right
Mama you were right
Yeah, mama you were right
Mama you were right
Yeah, hey, hey

Verse :
My mom told me : “son, coincidences don’t exist”
Before my first steps, I wanted to walk but I couldn’t
I looked at the other kids at school avoid their parents like the plague
The only thing I wanted was to see my mom my dad in the same room
I lurked around for years, solo, in the streets of my town
Under the impression of being condemned, to live unhappy for life
Here I am, after ten years, became violent for real
Your mothers spot us from far because the haram follows us closely
At age fifteen, or sixteen, fifty of us on a bench
We would go in their projects to beat up the older guys
It wasn’t free, indeed, the homie got himself involved
I saw more violence in real life than on TV
It won’t be to build if we ever have to pull out our tools
Underaged, we would see people in comas because of petty stories
We stole, we slanged
Not to do any publicity
I grew up in the projects, I grew up in the drugs, yeah
Blinded by the smoke, I saw time get consume
Consumed in order to console myself, I dream of being rich deep down in the subway
I would think on every thing that we screwed up, the wasted time on the dope spot
Looking at all those rich guys pass in expensive cars, tainted windows
They dreamed about having their diplomas, I dreamed about robbing the Brinks
Buying a villa for my mother, putting the family in safety
But the awakening was brutal, homie
Yeah, the awakening was brutal
Mama told me : “that’s life”
Outside I feel better than inside
My homie is losing his mind
He told me :”I’m sad, I was better when I was in jail”
That’s la vida
I’m looking at the cars burn
And I burn them too in order to tell the world to go fuck themselves
In the halal they would look at me weird, in the haram congratulated
We would hang out until late between us, I didn’t wanted to be adulated
I didn’t have any father, any big brother and no gun
I’ve got my reasons, lighting these cunts up
And I have trouble trying to reason myself, don’t bother with anyone
They act tough, we know them
We know who is afraid of who
Homie, I forgave them
I only had my balls and my knife homie
Yeah mama you were right
Mama you were right
Mama you were right
Mama you were right
Mama you were right
You lose sleep when we act like thugs
Mama you were right
Go back to sleep, I understood, yeah, that’s it I’ve grown
Mama you were right
My two sons, my friends, my family, that’s my life
Mama you were right
I’m eating, yeah I was making money, but I never betrayed


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