Django (DKZ) – Fichu (English lyrics)

1st verse :
I have very little time to speak like when the batterie is low
I’m all day in my bed, I practice lazyness
No, I’m not loyal, but you’re not that beautiful
I have trouble with smileys, I’m like Patrick Jane
Make fire my element, it’s ember that is pouring down
On the building’s walls, I carved Genji-Sama
You want to speak mandarin, tell me what’s wrong with you
I only raise my hand in order to hit, like a Genkidama
Lost in my life, I tought it would be a good idea to escape
The evil is in my flesh like Sinatra
Nothing but cheap chakra but I master the technique
I’ve got weight on my shoulders, I’m the son of Atlas
I’m slanted in the words, I write with indian ink
I rather cast a blank vote than to vote for a temple of skin heads
I would have talked about myself on the old Spleen sample
I can talk to you about your life, give me some time, I’m screening (Goddamn !)
Homie, I do as I’m pleased
You’re nothing but a whore, it’s your ass that pays you
Knight dressed in all black, I’m in Chris Bale’s theme
I’ve got attitude problems, I’m in the Training Day
I’ll soon get my sober card, I’ve got nothing but water in my Cristaline
Slow down like at the beginning, I can hear the spanish eight
Inverted doggystyle like a hand free kit phone
Son of a zebra with a thousand pains like Barksdale
I dropped the list and two or three teeth to the floor
Before there was the Shelbys, now there’s the Vatchers
I live my life like a game, I’m an actor in Watchmen

Bridge :
Je n’remets pas ta gueule je n’remets pas ton cul (??)
If I was you, I wouldn’t like me either
Je n’remets pas ta gueule je n’remets pas ton cul (??)
Bro, if I was you, I wouldn’t like me either
Django is dope, but tell me, who knows about it ?
I’m very nonchalent, like Maneki-neko
If the sun rises, I close my eyes
It’s been a few years now that I don’t know if the sky is sunny

2nd verse :
I’ll stop you from talking like an excess of beverage
You talk about sins, bro, I’ve got seven trifles
You think you’re Achille, you strike at three (Goddamn!)
I have trouble with humans like a Decepticon
Billy is leading an heretic’s life, I don’t fear the punishment
Mankind has done three times worst
The excess is spoiling my life but the bitches attract me
I was told “you’ve got a nerve”, my town is asthmatic
Back where I’m from the uniform is a batth robe
“tell me, why do you rap like a tenor ?”
Bro, the thing is that your card game is Bicycle
I’ve got Black Dragon with the red eyes s/o Heenok
I’ve got ideas but I remain seated
Nothing is free, even violence is a service
Homie, you’re having trouble speaking but the drunkness assists you
I do the action, she does the blow job
Goddamn !


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