Kalash Criminel – Sauvagerie 1 (English lyrics)

1st verse :
No love back where we’re from, I’ll fuck you and keep walking
After a drive-by on a T-Max, you’ll be dead or in crutches (you’re dead)
Don’t come test us, it’s a bad idea
And if I ever light the fire up, it won’t be same one as Johnny Hallyday
Always with a hoodie on, at night with all my savages, we lurk around in town
The truth comes out of the kid’s mouth, ask the pedophiles
Eh, I’ll do them dirty, they know it very well
Without wanting to, I lacked respect towards an arm-less person by telling him “see you tomorrow”
Everyday in the projects the anti crime brigade do turns
The violence is daily in the 93, like the word “good morning” (savage)
Eh, this is Kalash Criminel, savageness
When death calls you, it’s very rare that she ends up on your voice mail
Ski masked and armed when it’s crime time, ask Zino, ask Krimo
We break mouths, they, they scream
Your girl dumped you, you started losing weight right after

Zero is the tolerance, the competition is us
I rap with confidence, Kalash preferably, savage
In front of the police officer, we don’t make any confession
This is the 93, the 2-7-zero, I’ll tackle you like an All Black and not like a bull
Don’t try to be a vigilante, don’t try to be a hero
I’m quick, effective, like Kun Agüero
There’s no I love you, there’s no te quiero
If she comes over to the crib, she’ll start sucking right away
I’m a soldier of the “R”, like Cheikh Koné, Samba Coulibaly, XXX (savage savage)
10/12 R, Hall 14, Krimo J.S, Kifa, Zino, Stillday, we’re taking the same guys and we’re starting over

2nd verse :
Hard blow, arm bar, we’ll finish you off on the ground, like my guy Yadfa does
They act crazy when they’re a team, but in a one on one, they run away
Ski mask, armed, I’ll do you a drive by if you ever touch my family (ratata !)
They act hard in front of the mic, but I’m going to make them sing, like Sheryfa (Kalash Criminel !)
Ski mask, armed, if it ends up in a drive by (Kalash Criminel !)
It’ll go “ratata” or else “bang bang”
You owe money, you’re laying low, you don’t answer the phone much anymore
Lady justice, fuck you, free my ride or die homie Bram’s, homie
If I make a million, villa for my mother at Kinshasa in Congo
Your best friend snitched on you, you’re unlucky, very early in the morning, police raid
Rougemont, 14, 10, 12, bureau R.A.S
We come were you live, we fuck your girl like my homie M.A.S (Masko my ride or die homie ! There’s lead showers around here ! Masta, there’s lead showers around here) !
There’s lead showers, we aim for your vital points
Testing us, it’s best to avoid that
Me , I’m determined like my brother Carlito
For some money, I’ll light your mother up without hesitating

KALASH CRIMINEL – Sauvagerie 1 (English lyrics)

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  1. Glenn Silpa

    Lost in translation : “Without wanting to, I lacked respect towards an arm-less person by telling him “see you tomorrow”

    In French “see you tommorow” is “à demain”, this is a worldplay with the word “deux mains”, which means “two hands”.

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