DJADJA & DINAZ – Tenue de motard 4 (English lyrics)

1st verse (Dinaz) :
I remember back in the days, I would empty out the apartment in a 1/4 hour
They found frozen dead bodies in a container
Listen man, back where I’m from drugs are sold at every hour
He did a bitch move to you, slash him up with a cutter
If today I’m down, well, the next day I’ll go all in
What do you say ? A big expensive car that causes a storm
When I was little I was starving, I didn’t have any cell phone
We recognize that girl, we know that she acts slutty
I’ve got my hoody on homie, it’s getting late, the older guys are killing time watching the godfather
And in the cave they just keep slicing up those bars of hash
The cops, the flashing lights, homie I’m getting tired of it
All the homies that turn on you and who start to pretend when they’re in front of you, hein

Bridge (Dinaz) :
Too many brother are getting condemned, you gotta keep up the fight
I’m guilty as usual, but don’t worry I’ve got contacts
I saw where doing dirt leads you, when you don’t anything to offer, no one messes with you
He fucked you over, we’ll go visit his mother
Yeah homie, like we told you, life isn’t easy
And between all the fake peoples, there’s some of your friends hiding

2nd vers (Djadja) :
I’m in the projects, my brothers are going crazy in the drug game
There’s nothing to do a part from killing your lungs in the studio
I’m lost, I have the impression that I’m being played
I’m still young but my face is full of wrinkles
So much wrinkles that my eyes close at night
I told “RS” : “I’m tired of seeing you locked up”
Scumbags : that’s what we were, money : that’s what we make
But don’t worry, we know what we’re doing
I only open up to a few people, gotta avoid getting in conflict
Because if there’s a war, I swear on my mother’s head that we don’t know what we’re capable of
Plan A : finishing so high, never falling back down again
Plan B : coming over to murk them
Plan C : not being able to think anymore, drinking
And what do they want from me ? They even refused to front me a kilo those dogs
I was all alone, the blunt was the only thing there to make me cough, it’s annoying
I have some brothers left, real ones, they’ll never turn their backs on me
Principles and values, I would never be able to screw over a friend of mines
That’s the way things are I was told, sometimes you just have to leave things the way they are
I always shared whenever I had, and I always remained the way I am
You didn’t remain the same, it’s not a problem, I treated you as such
And being that I didn’t have much time, I fucked her in a hurry, but I took her cell phone number

Outro :
There’s no more rules, yeah, there’s no more love
But there’s weapons, there’s nothing that can stop us, the world is ours
Come over here, if you have something to say, we’ll show you that you’re not crazy
Khalifi I’m seeing blurry, khalissi in the head, no one testifies in front of the judge

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