Ademo – Esh la galère (English lyrics)

Unique verse (Ademo) :
Wassup animal
Tell me how do you see mankind, tell me
Do you see me in prison ?
Or do you see me dead
I’ll fuck your daughter after selling my drugs to her
Sur l’écran d’ma ville les keufs mon marqué a la proche (??)
You faggots
I’m a tiger not a sheep
I’ll live my life, asshole, not the life of a clown
Homie, you’re saluting me
There’s no dreams so let’s shake hands
I know all bout them, the lies
So don’t bullshit me
Nothing less than 3 grams, I won’t sell you nothing for 10 euros
Don’t break my nuts
Or else I’ll consider you as one of those monkeys
It’s simple like “hello”
Complicated like saying goodbye
Men get drunk
In order to survive out in the cold
Corsican father, Algerian mother
Proud of my origins
They all tell me “homie you lost weight”, I answer
“I’m on a diet”
Think on that one
My anger is going up to the sky like a high kick
The time is passing in front of the watch, man
My disorder is tactical
My brain is in calculator mode
Austere, the projects saw me born, funeral
She’ll see me die in her viewfinder
I’m surrounded by snitches
Who fuck up your future with their tongue
And I must be really rich
Judging from the amount of snitches
I’m going out of control in my madness
Find a reason
Me dis si pas d’argent (??)
Me won’t set foot in the house
I’m different
Yeah, different homie
I’m afraid of accepting this gift from the Sheitan
Delivering me a heart
I said to my math teacher in class
I’m not the type to make plans
If life is a bitch
I need way more than a bitch in order to ejaculate
Look at my face
Look at the guys downstairs
There’s too much noise, you’ll get silence if you go :
Everyone says “zoo”
But at the zoo we say that things were better before
Before they destroy the great tower
Rue Césin Goka and 45
I won’t forget
I’ll scream out “DZ” on any label
You know that I had to leave my house
In order to start dealing weed
There’s no whims
Little girl, I sell cannabis
Because my stomach hurt too much
For a long moment of my life
Mehlish, it’s normal, homie
Even the misery is approaching
I can even tell you that it changes you
As much mentally as your appearance
I’m not the type to say
That I’ve seen this, that I’ve seen the other
We need to feed ourselves, no time to mess around anymore
I’ve done this, I’ve done the other
Eh homie, fuck you
If you don’t like what I’m saying
Listen to your whore of a mother
I’ll fuck her when she’ll tell you “bed time”
My revenge will be terrible
Eh , I’m starving
I ate the walls while trying to jump
Check this out my Chicos
The dream life, I’ll get it down here or up in heaven
And I don’t count on no one
Only the cockroaches visit me, the rats
Easy money, my ass, every night
My feet are frozen cold
Serving the fiends
At the hour when you’re having breakfast
I raise a bar of hash up to the sky
For all the drug dealers, the hustlers
I open the building’s hallway’s door for the mothers
That will one day call me a dirty thief
Hey struggle
Wallah, you pounded me
A blunt, a beer can
A little police raid at the house
This track isn’t sad
Things are okay
At the sum mum of my happiness
There’s no bigger hater than me
I’ll die with my middle finger up on the throne
This is a sound that makes you cry
Eh, I don’t give a fuck
I’m filled with anger
I’m all alone when I’m slang down stairs of the towers
Fuck the snitches
Fuck the jealous ones, the faggots
Move the fuck out the way
When the cops are trying to catch me
Because if you end up in police custody with me
Faggot, don’t open your mouth
I’m in suspended sentence mode
I’ll never stop
Stop my route
Ademo, raps for those that are struggling out in the cold
What, you’re a bandit ? In the jail cell, I’ll fuck you up
Your mother out in the woods
I rather get my nose broken than to act like a pussy
If you’re a gorilla and you’ve beaten me up
Tomorrow, I’ll stab you in your artery
You’re trying to start some shit
I make it come out of my asshole
If the lawyer tells me to admit it
Fuck him, I’m not guilty
I fucked them over so much, that the cops took
My dick’s fingerprints
I swear that for my loved ones
I’ll sacrifice my life
Hey struggle
Yeah, you already know
I remember about you, the caves, the cockroaches
But not about the money
Hey, hey struggle
Yeah I know you
I remember about you, the caves, the cockroaches
But not about the money
Hey, hey struggle
Yeah I know you
Because of you I slang down stairs of building hallway “C”
You already know


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