ADEMO – Fleury (English lyrics)

Chorus (x4) :
Welcome to Fleury (Ah)
To Fleury

Unique verse :
Welcome to Fleury
Fuck those flourishing tombs
It’s a quest for cigarettes, because everyone isn’t rich
Locked up I’m writting my letter and my rhyme
It gets animated during the prison walks, I’m going crazy and I’m waiting on a letter from my fam’
Thank god if you can take a shit in peace
Thank god homie, between the prison guards and the inmates there’s no feelings
J’attends l’oxide pour donner une clope, a little bit of oxygen
A cellmate that ate at the prison commissary but will be missing out the other week
That’s the text when I arrive, M.E.R.O.G.I.S
You want to test me but I fucked your grand mother, you fucker
Even when I’m locked up, I’m doing yoyos with my dick for her to come and suck it
I’m defeated, I’m losing 3-0
3 months plus 6 months revoked, I’m trying to appeal the sentence
For the time being I have a small body but I’m doing push ups
Just to become a heavy weight and fuck up a bunch of pedestrians
I’m hoping that the brothers outside are rolling up a blunt while thinkng about me
I don’t flush the toilets, I’m taking my showers, I only have one free hand to clean my dick
During the day, the pigeons, the crows (??) come around
At night it’s the rats that walk around in the prison yard, I’m the only Corsican Algerian guy
I’m on vacation, I’ll be spending summer 2010 in the slammers
I just got some clothes, I was dreaming of a blunt between the socks but hey
You know the drill, around here we fight over tabacco
I’m bored in front of the TV and even when I change the channel, there’s nothing but bastards
In the cell in front of me they’re banging on the door, they’re screaming “guard !”
4:24 PM I’m waiting on supper that’s the only thing there is to do when you’re on your nerves
I keep waking up early trying to work out my biceps differently
I was supposed to go to buidling D5 2 years ago according to the rules
This is my life, here are my vision of things
They put the tiger in his cage so that his savageness doesn’t inspire the others
We aren’t born in misery but faith is born in it
And as long as god is guiding me, believe me, my strenght just keeps getting bigger
At top clips, I’m seeing Diam’s number one
You fell on a bomb, I fell on sharks
Fuck your justice, I remain free behind your bars
For all the real guys who pray for their families, and Allah all the way up there
When I get out I’ll do magic, I’m counting on my brother to drop “Son des halls” volume 2, parasite
My cellmate just left, so I’m all alone in my cell
I’m spitting out blood in the toilets, afraid I might have a fucking virus
I’m pissing anger, there’s like a void in the projects
Wesh dude I’m living in misery, I’ve got enemies in the arena
Eh, what do I have to do, break your teeth ? Make people bleed ? Until one of those bastards kill me ?
Wesh (??) you’re on 4th floor, there’s some place inside my prison cell
Make a demand at the 44, I’ll hook you up if you’re broke
Eh I’m exculpating my anger, my rage, it’s crazy, man
Right after the streets, my life is a black hole
Wallah, I’m hurting so much
I was told “from my window I saw you doing push ups like crazy during my prison walk”
500 push ups per half hour the muscle is sore but that’s all I have
At the prison visit I still don’t have any Carmen Électra
I need some softness, we’re all alone me and my dick
And the prison guard don’t look to see if I put my dick in her mouth
Oops, 30 minutes are up quick
Eh Nabil at every track that you guys make don’t forget to give me a shout out
I bought my first pack of cigarettes in here
I learned to roll blunts in here
Every day I smoke my body in here
Yeah yeah, I don’t eat the food it’s annoying
Don’t worry homie, as soon as I get out, I walk into the best restaurant, I swear on the Coran

– Guard ! Oh, guard ! Yeah, guard !
– What’s the matter again ?
– Eh ! Go fuck your mother !

Chorus (x8) :
Welcome to Fleury (Ah)
To Fleury

Ademo – Fleury (English lyrics)

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