ADEMO – Péché D’orgeuil (English lyrics)

I don’t give a fuck about the world, homie, I don’t wanna change the way I am
Just like as if locked up at Fleury, they had told me : “you’re headed to la santé”
If I’m getting transferred, it’s because I’m the one that scores the most
I’ve seen it all, just like a whore, I can’t end up on my ass
Life is hard, you better not let it get to you
Just like the way they let you die in your jail cell
Even if you just screamed for help
It’s hard to integrate into society when you’re high with sleepy eyes
They told me “tie your shoe laces”
They told me “tie your necktie”
They told me in the ghetto, you know how thing goes
They handed me a donkey and expected me to go up and race against horses
I rhyme about this anger that I have, but I no longer want to blow the shit up
Homie, click on “Like” if your ego is bigger than Vegeta’s
Generation 1986, the same one as Foolek
Police sirens, “woo woos”, not the same generation as those little shits
I need me some air, but the beat is all busted like my Air Max
I scare people away, at Halloween, I don’t even need to wear a mask
I’m a real guy, I can rap, but people prefer liars
Still, I’ve tried to win by having a big heart
You wanted to hear that I had bitches, that I had money ?
But asshole, in our lives, there’s nothing but cops, nothing but risks
I had to hustle hard in silence, Being that I’m advancing in the (??)
I don’t have any driver’s licence, but I still walk with Diesel shoes
In order to find my way back, I would leave pieces of hash behind me
I ended up lost, with a bunch of junkies following my path
And for the money, I’ve sold drugs from winter to summer
You believe in ferry tales, I believe in having scores to settle
I opened my mouth, but it wasn’t to suck dicks
I told myself that I would rap some good shit, but you need commercial shit to succeed
“The tide will turn”, that’s just an old legend once again
We’re the ones that are turning in circles, the streets is blocked outside in the court yard
A weird destiny like Kennedy, like Aaliyah that crashes
Surviving is a must, the worst part is that they think that we like selling drugs
We live like Tony Micelli, not like Tony Montana
You think that Beriz is pretty, you must either be a tourist or Chinese
You think this is funny, we have nothing, it’ normal, homie
No matter how much we smile, our eyes aren’t smiling homie
You see what I mean, nah I speak to you about what I see
You wanna know if I like it when it snows, ask those who sleep outside in the cold
This isn’t a sad track, it’s just an ass fucking
I raise my…in front of my balls, call me the real deal
Gotta separate me from the fakes of course, I ask for Allah’s forgiveness
I don’t want to go to hell, to have to struggle once again
I don’t think that I would be more inspired if I had a blunt
And I don’t think that I would rap any faster if I popped a pill
25 years old Allah u akbar
And I’ve committed sins, my back is hurting
I pray less and less, but I still do my ablutions
Homie, that’s the least I can do after my fornication
Rhyme about blood, robberies, and big doses
Don’t be scared, people are the way they are
I’m conceited, pleasure is Tweety and me I’m Sylvester
Wallah, when I was a kid, I used to try to follow my shadow
When I would no longer see it, I understood that it was because things were too dark
I don’t care about the latest clothes, but it’s like the shopping sales when the cops seize our product
I know that I can change my face, but I’ll always keep the same jean’s
Are you still listening ? Ah yeah, cool homie
I’m saying that it’s possible for us to block the blows, but not the gunshots
Too many mistakes, our anger guided us
And when the referee is a gun, the bullets are always ready to whistle
In the end we make it out, it finishes by “go fuck your mother”
We improvise, end up at Fleury when we fuck things up
And wallah bro, we often fuck things up
I think that I’ll end up walking on my hands, so much that my head is upside down
They want dope shit : I’ll hand them my dick
I’m vulgar, and what homie ? I’m headed towards my death, worry about your life
I’m crazy homie, (???)
I can’t no, it’s my sin of pride
You’re looking to do dirt ? I’m the dirtiest thing there is
Avoid wishing me a happy birthday, homie, that’ll the best gift you can offer me
I’m just like that picture that you’re looking at
I’m bleeding, my stare is full of hatred, but I’m smiling and I’m waiting
I’m waiting for my time to come and cause your time to be up
Banned from Essonne, I still live there, I duck from the enemies
I’m finishing this text with the worst of all the rages
When all these rappers act tough but in reality they’re nothing but bums
Life is hard, we only realize it once we’re in the hole
And when it’s too dark to see in the prison’s eating room and there’s no light bulb
So I repeat myself, fuck the world homie
I can’t change the way I am, that’s my sinful pride


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