Ademo (PNL) – Mowgli (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I’m from the jungle, call me Mowgli
I’ve got good quality hash, I don’t have any bad quality hash
When I was young I would chop up half a kilo
No friends, I was like Rémi
In the 94 or in Paris
In my zoo you know the dri-i-ill
I drink hatred in the VIP section
Try me and I’ll fuck you up-up-up
I’m a lengend in your hoo-ood
We come trough, we pistol whip you, we shoot you
You’re my enemy, I’m laughing
I’ll burn you up, I’ll light you out, I’ll piss on you
Red eyes in the city
I get all the the junkies high, high
Like a demon, you see ?
I’ll slice you up then walk away like Chuky
Tonight I’m with a brunette
I’ll fuck her and forget about her then crack me open a blonde
Yeah I’m navigating in the fog
I’m worst than a Bomb
I get busted, D4
D5, D2, I know the building
By the way suck my dick you dog
If I ever get knocked, I don’t give a shit about your judgement
We’ll get a life sentence anyways
That’s what happen when you refuse to be a sheep
On week ends I don’t party
I talk to god, I press the button
I want to feel free
Today I’ll rap shirtless
I’m raging like in Palestine
And like the strongest eat the most
I pull out the gala gala
Be careful ass hole, we’ll brea-a-ake you
Weight the drugs in the ca-a-a-ve
Homie, no orgasm
Exept for those bitches that move around
At the age of playing fifa
I would get by by cutting up twelve grams
Don’t swear on your mother’s life
You think you like me ? Time will do
Life, a sour taste
I add some sugar to it with a pair of gloves
I tell my father that I don’t have a choice
Somebody probably cast a curse spell on us
I’m here to put on a show, what ?
I sing my hatred to them and they clap me
Homie, I’m aiming for the goal so much
Since little I’m a camper
I’m always waiting on a pass
Smiling like Cristophe Lambert
I keep telling all these Arabic bitches
That the streets don’t give birth to any Thomas
I sold a million bars of hash
A million views, I don’t know what that’s like, asshole
I won’t bring out the stolen motocross
Where did you ever see anybody make money off that shit
I’m always hustling you know it
I sell it to feed the fam’
Hardcore from the start
The vocoder doesn’t make me anymore tender
I roll me up a blunt real late
The wind is the only thing that sweeps my ashes
What did you expect ?
That I would start rapping, that I would go “Lalala” ?
Fuck you, I’m not gangsta
I leave that shit to these other cowa-a-ards
Call me AD bro
Made in TZ, Homie I want my cheque
Homie wallah it’s ugly
Like a golddiger that makes you buy a bottle for her
Homie, get your fangs out, around here we won’t bring nothing to your mouth, hein
At the end like Ringo, we dick ride each other for the cheque, hein
The inside of the fridge is empty, hein
Merlich, as long as there’s the little brother’s desert
Your Mcs are hashtag fake, hein
You’ll pray for them to free us
Homie I don’t like rap
I only do it because there might be a pay cheque
It’s just a hustle like an other, you eat, you get the hell away and then they forget about you
Homie, I talk to you about the struggle in a jail cell, a stick of hash in a Gauloise
Fuck the recession, the same way I’ll fuck you up if you owe me money
Admit it, there’s nothing to see, and you don’t want to see the futur
Because over here is dark, and Iblis has us all dancing
Don’t come around us acting like a thug
Wallah we won’t aim for your knees
No need to be a billionaire, we don’t care to know if you can or can’t see the evil spirits

Outro :
Homie, I’m getting my ass out the dope spot
I’m not a rapper, I’m whack without vocoder
I smoke me a blunt before I lay my verses
Mmmm stacks of money on the side


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