ALI B Bentayga English lyrics

I’ve come to make my point
Don’t do mediocre
You notice my presence as soon as you let me in
I have changed my management into a syndicate
Still don’t understand why you’re still talking about millies
I know what you deserve, don’t be too happy my friend
Don’t talk about your assets or I’ll show mine
I don’t have a career, I have my own scene
Your entire turnover in a year is what I earn
I don’t want to talk big, but you go talk big
Can I make that small business of your death?
All my side issues are for your main issues
I have cousins ​​in Morocco who load a boat
Weed in your pocket is cut from a bar
And that guy was smuggled with another hundred of his bro’s
I am a fucking animal I was found in the Artis
Among a hundred motherfuckers who punch you with their guns
Or you pop with their guns when you come then what the plan is
How are you going to talk to them when your tongue is not that long anymore
I can’t talk to you tip my tongue where my interest is
I feel like John de Mol is shopping in the mall, I can buy everything for you, I have everything
The longer I stay here, the greater the number
What is in my account is waiting for an interest
No I am not really a spender, just ask my notary
Poor little haters, she can’t see, they’re hidden behind my piles
I get love from everyone’s game because I am the last person in my generation to be in trouble
All my old Mocros that say “Bazz 3lik”
Look into my eyes what you see there is a boss’s look
I let the whole game suck on my cock and at the end of the ride I left them with a cleft lip
I’m not normal
My words have value I pay you lyrically
You want me to come brother pay me at least
Nine headlines in my (?) then I tell a crazy story
Now I have a program tomorrow I have a crazy channel
And that for someone who used to steal your television
SPEC. is the company I have a very dirty stable
And most have crawled from a very deep valley
This is not inherited, it has been worked for
Maybe I give a party, I can celebrate it at my yard
Dubai is a location that is not that far for me anymore
If it gets too cold for me, I go water-skiing in the fall
You didn’t make it, so go to Lloret
Poor times so you buy Prosecco for a slut
Why are you bossy, don’t you see your fucking place?
I don’t even get out of bed for that low wage of yours
I’d rather go with my sons
We take the boat with us
Diving a yacht, well tell me who lives big
Men say hi, women say hi
Wack ass walk man I’m still the Keyser Söze
I call Boef tell him brother, do you make money what is good?
He says brother, I’m cool, eyes on my fucking goal
I call Ronnie, tell him “Nori, are you good, are you making money?”
He says “Ali, I don’t understand what you’re saying, i’m in the Rari”
My whole team is supergoing
I’ll bring you those new names
Rappers are restless I am calm like the Tibetans
You can make hours, but I have to make my hours
Hours on my Roley say “boy, these are expensive things”
Wow, tell me who is your father?
Wow, tell me who wants to hate now?
Wow, I’m bringing another phase
Men look at me, you engage in espionage

ALI B – Bentayga, English lyrics


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