ALONZO RDC English lyrics

Intro :
Allah y rahmo

1st verse :
I celebrated my 30th birthday, I lost at least 30 brothers
I can hear the Uzi sing, I know the lyrics by heart
Even when we do nothing, we end up dying for nothing, a little kid can bully you
Big families big stories, more shotgun shots than hand outs
Wallah we’re cowards, the only time we hide is when we’re crying
We show off even when we’re wanted, is there still any sane person ?
Fuck the euro ! All of that stops us from doing our prayers
Marseilles is one giant man hunt, yeah
Allah y rahmo, Allah y rahmo
At the red light, a gun shot resonates, I’m thinking on the victim’s mother
Satan is at the counter, an old head is drinking his beer
And the guys from around the corner are looking for your brother
The drugs made the neighborhood famous, the little sister are over excited
The word “respect” died during the war, they act like they’re not afraid of hell
So…so ?
How many guys have we seen go crazy ? Who talk alone sitting on the ground
I brought kids in the crazy town
I’m seeing my white hairs, I hope to die before the last one
Which brother won’t survive winter ? You can die over one bad look
Who do I owe money to ? When will we start praying ?
I swear that we’re wasting ourselves, I don’t even know if this is rap that I’m spitting
Our fathers are getting old so they’re hospitalized, we can’t contain our emotions
I can’t find the words, we’re nothing on earth, don’t try to act tough
Behave like a man

Bridge :
We don’t have a lot of time left, my man
We’re only passing by

2nd verse :
She made sacrifices, he ended up in prison
Prison doesn’t render you any service, he gets out, puts on his track suit
Her husband is gonna dumb her for that whore of a waitress
We live in a haunted town where the appearances are fake
Wallah it’s hard, move out of here, take your family and go
The Muslims do Islamic reminders in order to calm us down, the cops are at the entrance
Bro, things are crazy, when you think that back in the old country they would die
To get to come to Batlimore, eh
This is the zoo, this is the zoo
There’s a roar that is resonating, I think it’s my mother
Peace to all our mothers, our mothers suffer
My man

ALONZO – RDC, English lyrics


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