Arab – Miał kurde (English lyrics)

The noun ” Miał” means both ” coal dust ” and “meow”, as in sound made by cats. On this
track Arab used parts of YouTube video of a shitfaced dude that went viral. You can hear
’em in chorus. The link to the above-mentioned video clip and the transcription are in the
‘notes/titbits’ section under the lyrics.

Coal dust! What? What?
Coal dust! That’s right!

* He’s claiming to be the top dog but he’s small fry.
WHAT? (WHAT?) Small fry (THAT’S RIGHT!)
Trying to make everyone believe that he’s a cat (serious player)
but I can only hear meowing

[First verse]
When I’m on backstage, I feel all hyped up
like a boxer before he enters the ring.
Don’t come near me, leave me some room to breathe.
The fight is about to begin.
I’m slowly creeping upstairs and heading onto the stage.
I don’t have a huge ego even though tweenies are taking fliccs with me.
I don’t hear ” he’s so sweet” too often cause I know the bitter truths of life.
I put art before money even though I’m getting older.
That’s me. Maintaining detachment from rap game.
I’m rollin’ in, I’m jumpin’, shouting, then I’m breathing hard.
* One day I’ll give a concert for a tenner, wearing sweatpants, you’ll see.
Homerun, baby, I’m sleeping during the daytime
so I won’t have to give up my dreams (play on words)
Show me love cause I could really give a fuck about hate.

[Chorus] x2

[Second verse]
I’m high in the sky.
Pass me the mic, homie.
Edward is doing the scratches
and Sylu is backing me up as my hype man.
Before I hit the sack I’m counting the scrilla.
Sometimes I’m burning the midnight oil writing lyrics.
I mean, clicking. I stopped scrawling on a piece of paper long time ago.
I’m fixing my gaze on the screen as if I was checkin’ Instagram.
I’m wasting shit loads of time on this app.
Then I’m pushing myself, I’m in a hurry.
This bog is swallowing me up.
That’s right! It’s groggy me again.
I got DJ EDK and Sylu with me.


Coal dust! What? What?
Coal dust! That’s right!

a) Original text: Rzuca na bit, że jest topem a to tylko miał.
English translation: He’s claiming to be the top dog but he’s small fry.
It’s a metaphor relating to smoking weed. In colloquial
Polish the noun ‘top’ means ‘bud’, as in a bundle of marijuana.
Now, if we stick to this terminology then ‘miał’ means in this case ‘pipe residue’
The meaning of both versions is the same. Someone claims/thinks that he/she
is dope/has mad rap skills when they’re actually wack.
b) Original text: Jeszcze zobaczycie, w dresie zagram koncert za dyszkę.
English translation: One day I’ll give a concert for a tenner/10 G’s, wearing sweatpants,
you’ll see.
In colloquial Polish ‘dyszka’ means ‘a tenner’ In the music video Arab shows
empty pockets of his sweatpants. It can mean two things, namely, he claims that one day
he’ll be performing for top whack (10 G’s) or will be filthy rich and will give concerts for
nominal fee (a tenner).

And here’s how it all started:

Woman: You’re drunk.
Reporter: I’ll hold the microphone.
Woman: I’ll do the filming and you gon’ shoot the shit.
Reporter: What’s goin’ on here?
Man: Yeah? Here? Bog
Reporter: But what are you doin’ here?
Man: We? Coal dust.
Woman: That’s how we earn our bread.
Reporter: Yeah?
Man: That’s right!
Reporter: Is it hard work?
Man: Yes it is.


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