ASHH – Arizona (English lyrics)

Intro :
I had no luck
I’m looking at you in the dark night
I had no luck
I had no…yeah

1st verse :
I had no luck and this life is nothing but latencies
I was struggling, they were going on vacation
And me, I was dreaming of leaving France
On my block with substances
And I’m alone, a desert, Arizona
Nike Air, thug for life, hoodlum
It’s night, I’m on a bench, listening to Solaar
And I’m drunk, I’m getting back to the topic
I was never tired
Even back when I was little, I already knew that I would become a visionary
A lion with a muzzle
I don’t give a fuck about your questions
I’m on my side
What will remain of us ?

Bridge :
What have we done to God ?
What have we done to God ?

2nd verse :
Bro, I’m smoking my gram in town right now, attracted to the void
I’m walking like a Playmobil right now, radiations, Chernobyl
The feelings beckon, I don’t like the decor, I’m re doing it
We do good, we commit sins, rain drops on the eyelash
On the wrist, I don’t have any Rolex but I live in a 100 square meter
You walk in the appartment, we’re ready
You can already see that we’re not the same
And I’m putting the drugs in the device
I need to touch the sun
At the restaurant, the tab is expensive
I’m paying because I’m growing my salary
I’ve got some Louis and some Gucci right now
I don’t like Givenchy that much, nah
Eleven o’clock, I’m walking into the bank
After 25 minutes I walk back out with my pockets full
Tell me that you love some black Fendi
I’m on my side
I’m lighting me up a blunt, I’m not going to sleep, yeah
And I don’t give a fuck about them, yeah, I dream of being the best but I’m getting worse

Bridge :
You knwo that black attracts me
Just my baby in the car
Baby, baby

Outro :
Let me go, I’m putting back on my seat belt
Let me go away, at least for a while
And the moon attracts me, at night when it get’s saturated
I don’t feel nothing anymore, I’ve got my heart on my loved ones
I’m talking to the moon, my feelings are frozen
One gram or two and I fly away
At night, I dream of big amounts
And I’ll go real far baby
A desert, Arizona
And I’m leaving to the town
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Désert Arizona

ASHH – Arizona (English lyrics)


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