BANDE ORGANISEE – Sch / Kofs / Jul / Naps / Soso maness / Elams / Solda / Houari (Enlgish lyrics)

Sch : Yes my man, grey nardo RS4, of course their shots missed me
Sun in the bubble, on the Prado, Shifter pro
Wrong direction, my darling you are heading in the wrong direction, puta where were you when I used to only put 7 euros of gasoline
You wanna make war on us ? On God it’s B (bizarre)
We take your Audi, we take your girlfriend, we take your creditcard
The phone is ringing, you always take the cocaine
It’s Marseille baby, fuck a term contract determined
Wesh so what my man, alright or what ?
Climb in the car, I go from 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds
Guitarized (metaphor Guitars = AK-47s), AC/DC, we meet for sure you are tetanized

Kofs : I put the ring on Tchikita’s finger, two months later I already left her
You are a little bastard, I’m an Apash I’m a Diakhité
I’m the captain, I’m gonna decapitate them,
It’s not the capital, no, it’s Marseille baby
1.3, Audi sport, I go through customs and shift the gears
Fuck your mother on the Canebière, fuck the dead people of yours on the Vieux-Port (health and happiness)
Mi amor it’s the South Districts it’s the North Districts, fuck your mother on the Canebière, fuck the dead people of yours on the Vieux-Port

Jul : I’m the zone (hood) without a helmet on a scooter Kit-é
Forget her she is a puta she left you
I’m somewhere else, it’s some mula that I crumbled
Since earlier they are using my lighter
Gust, bazooka flow, I have some buddies that can head over here if needed
The motorbike does « brm, brm, brm, brm », I’m always here, ask to Chico
I’m in the Game wearing sandals and a sweatsuit
I fuck the crazy ones that talk about me on the internet
I’m currently under the potion’s effect, I take 2-3 hits on the joint
By the way, we are climbing, send the 0s on the check
Ah, ah, buddy que pasa ? Ah, ah, a la cabeza. Grr ra-ta-ta, for the mapesas (x2)
No need to go to Lacoste anymore since I created « d’Or et de Platine » (of Gold and of Platinum)
And on Twitter I see their posts, fuck their mother for those who trash talk about the Team

Jul and Solda : In an organized gang, nobody can calm us down
In the zone we smoke the rocket, tracked by the undercover police
Hasta luego, do it one, hasta luego, do it two
Hasta luego (x2)

Naps : It’s a 24 karat, I rap since the era of K-Ra
The technique, the flow of madness, artistically it’s so easy for us
T-max, Araï helmet, WANTED at Marrakech
I send her an unstoppable strike, I make her mascara flow
The J is the S (Jul is my blood/family), I take out the RS
A thick wad of money, better be careful, N.A.P.S (x2)

Soso Maness : Yo, stop saying bullshits, you are just a son of a whore bar
I begin the rap with a 7 and a 3, at the river I touched the Straight
Yo, I aim the golden record and the platinum, at the beginning it was the court
I’m a bit of Zampa, a bit of Zizou, I offer a Ricard to Poutine
Young drug dealer, in the building, running like Usain Bolt
I know how to handle my department, by night to crumple your chick
And it goes Zumba Cafew, Cafew, Carnaval, I’m in the 4×4 tinted, tracked by the undercover police (x2)

Jul and Solda : In an organized gang, nobody can calm us down
In the zone we smoke the rocket, tracked by the undercover police
Hasta luego, shoot one, hasta luego, shoot two
Hasta luego (x2)

Elams : Legal, illegal, Alpha, Omega
We do a coup d’etat (coup/military/political coup)
Bullet in the head, that’s the cuenta (price)
Pursuit, there are the cops, serene, I go out of the blue
Bl-blocks, handlebar, logistic, on the floor, some blood, ballistic
A-tchu-tchu-tcha, she’s a Salvatrucha
Trafick, haram (forbidden in islam), Marseille we found corpses
Marseille hala, no more soul, the youngsters take action
Milli, I want the milli like the OVNI (UFO, nickname of Jul)
These filha puta I finish them

Solda : Yah, we make them friends : enemies, Yah, we make them enemies : friends, Yah
Behaviour in the zone, Yah, behaving with the real men, yah
Cheer up, me, i’m all good, you looking for problems ? We deform you
Because it’s so true, the look in your eyes and your soul are bad
In the bed you suck, we know your girlfriend, in the jail visiting room she has been used, fucked by prisoners
You owe mo-mo-mo-ney, you turn up in the boo-boo-boom (nightclubs)
For some money we click-click boom you, the alcohol we gloo- gloo – gloo (x2)

Houari : Wesh, you don’t want the war but why do you light the wick ?
I’m in the zone, I avoid the putas, wesh
Me, I don’t listen to people, and my Clio is on its rims
I only do smoke the yellow, sometimes with a bit of Marie-Jeanne (marijuana)
Yesterday, I was drunk, I wanted a blue Porsche GT
When there was the bread we were plenty, when there wasn’t even « one », we were two
I’m in the block my deer, in the zone it’s everbody for its own money
There were traitors, traitors, traitors, fuck it that’s nothing marlish
In the hood there is some sale of weapons, brand new shoes I pay in cash
Be careful, there are the cops, now they are far, it’s okay distress
It’s everybody for the plata, backfire, smoking kills
We dance in team on the Rra-ta-ta song

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  1. you guys are awesome af for making these translations bro keep it up

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