BOEF – ANTWOORD (English lyrics)

You good today?
Yes I am, but I haven’t took a shower today
Ey, I am about that money today!
Oh, that’s the reason
Yes ey, that’s a good question
They want to boycot me but they can’t because I got hits
Everybody knows that the black pussy pink is
Yes everybody knows that the black pussy pink is
And everybody knows that I pick up girls in a Porsche
And I’ve got a disorder, but I am error
Punchlines, Mcgregor, I bring terror to the scene
Yes I am a star, I don’t talk at the trial
My lines go too far, hmm yes
I can tell you I make big money
But I ain’t gonna say nothing, cuz they can take that serious
A lot of shows, I got shows until Germany

Have you heard what he said about those bitches? Unbelievable, hypocrite, really hypocrite, really
Look at him, at his whole lifestyle, and he still is talking?

Sup bro, where you at? What are you gonna do?
Bro I don’t know, the media gives me headaches
Oh yeah? I’ve heard you don’t got shows anymore
If that continues, you are broke too tomorrow
Yeah bro, what I did was stupid
Because I can’t fly with Corendon anymore
So now I’m going to pay a lot to get to the a bit of sun
So this summer I’am pale if you meet me
Maybe I will take a beer if I show up at your party
But I’ve been wet more often, when I stood in the rain
If you fuck with pussys, you are the bitten dog
It’s my own fault, but shit is kinda crooked
I think it’s weird, because you know what they do?
I get cancelled for a festival who didn’t even book me
I get cancelled by the radio who doesn’t even play my songs
Thats what plays now

In his position it’s just not smart to say that
But how they do him like that is weird, I mean, people say stupid shit on a daily base

Hey Souf, what is this? You think I am a bitch?
I was drunk honey, I wasn’t sincere at all
You don’t got no respect, you really hurt us
If I was that girl, I would really throw you out of my car
Once again, I’m sorry honey, I really realised
With 1 time saying sorry, it isn’t enough
By the second time it only became worse
Can I make it up or did I really mess up?
Oh my God, he really messed up

Look, us rappers say bitches etc
But, we don’t think women are any less or so
What I said was wrong, and we think so too
Now they want to make me look wrong, ah bro
Look, us rappers say bitches etc
But, we don’t think women are any less or so
Everybody makes mistakes, and me too bro


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