[Verse 1: Boef]
Jumped out of the shower, she my lady
Go to München and she Davies
Much too crazy, this is take 3
In the Golf (Dutch for wave and the Volkswagen car) but not seasick
You are hungry, but you don’t eat
Big fat pollen, this is no weed
I had to run I had no bike
Fuck these sluts I forget nothing
Al my boys are in estate for real
Because I’m doing real estate
Got a stack that just fits in my pants
Sometimes when I do my laundry I forget it
In Caza’s bag you’ll find nothing
The question is, if you mess with me, ooh
I’m secured like Trump
My white house is a castle
Wow stress we blow away balloons
How are you able to sleep when you’re hungry
Miraculous how I jumped on rap
Talk later, I’m on the road
The whole scene knows I’m dropping bombs
Still remember the times you didn’t believe me
Look how much money we turned over
I come from absolutely nada
Stealing on Prada, while wearing a Gucci hat
Then that sucker called through Lebara the whole hood was pushing packs
And she is para, whipe mascara girl and relaxed
Cause beter tomorrow, we play you, brother and put down a boobytrap

[Verse 2: 3robi]
I came from nothing, waking up stressed
I was young, figured my life would be ruined
Amiri the pants, now LV the belt buckle
Smoke a Kali, but I smoke hash in Morocco
I came from sneakily looking at people for their watch
Now I live in buildings with doctors and shit
Just like in construction, mate I’m building up
Back in the days mate, but you had no trust
You thought I was going to lose, you figured I’d fall
Going crazy til we bang
Dior, Louboutain
Lots of crazy shoes, I can switch
Men are hating like bitches
Men talk a lot with those bitches mate
With a fat ass in the kitchen
Or I’m on vacation
Mate my whole life’s been ill
I’m not a minister, but I’m too razorsharp
Politics everywhere
They told me your image is too rude
And you won’t make money with that music shit
Now we’re talking tons, motherfuck 3robi man I got my own audience
I’m abroad with thieves and drug dealers
Other life
I’m with my mate and they’re ending life

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