BOEF Gewoon Boef English lyrics

I’m keeping it undercover
Shit on an undercover
And I don’t like that cover, fix an undercover
Here they are VDK: They belong to the world
Some VDB: They are the barker
Bro’s cut here but they are not from the hairdresser
Sometimes my hair gets dirty, paranoia doesn’t sleep
Many people that don’t give are what you see on the street
Now you wear drug bro, but it does not suit you
Fock the judge, your sister better (?) her
Send one DM, and an hour later I’m in her
I don’t do Tinder
I was wearing my flip flops because, the neighborhood became hotter, and that in the winter man
Fock a way back, rap that just has to work
You only see money bro when we put it in your eye
Check Marktplaats bro because I am bumping sisters
phone tired, let that phone rest
Because he keeps ringing, wait months I was at the top
Rappers claimed competition brother but it was done in no time
Got a head in a case, now I’m the main thing
Not happy when I discharge my seed, happy when I make money
I am sorry what you think of me
Because my money now remains as a small child
I make the scene cold, and that is why I demand that at least one 1000 euro to be paid for my striker
And I keep going, I’m not going to lock you in, don’t want to sit on that wing like a left winger
Home crisis though, it was also fucked up outside
I was out for profit, sometimes I was in bushes
Or for detention in crime
Have been beefing with Frenchie for months, but it’s nothing
For nothing
I did not even know if I am happy
Have a notebook in my hand I have to write
I rap street shit I don’t know much about love lives
It wasn’t school, I was too busy with thieves
Acquittal, I wanted to claim money from justice
I’m fit with, police as a fitness trainer
And I was cheating but was not stoned
dropped one session bro, and it was serious
Look at my dad who was stuck
My mother was having a hard time and often I was a difficult one
I arrived at night, she found weed in my coat
But that’s not mine, it’s from someone in my class
Everyone says that
Bad features but have nothing in common
You are not original, bro only come one on one
And I burn again, but they don’t extinguish anything
It is finished with you as if it is August
Look they can’t do anything brother, so they don’t allow anything
And if that runner is already using bro, better dump that shit
They are looking for fingerprints
We have fingers for them
Fock love heard that you can become blind
Had ended up in hell, also ended up in jail
Score with me with fingers, Maradona against England
And fock ISIS, preferably I shoot at ISIS
Do not do it for the Netherlands do this for Muslims
Because, they are not Muslims, bro that is nonsense
But quite ironically bro that you find me the bomb
This is my time, I just started
I have a line, the police have the dogs
Enters crime scenes, but was never found
And if we’re rich, I’ll keep it a hundred
And Mom knows I couldn’t do anything else
When I did not come home again, she was concerned, but no hair salon
Shave at a hair salon, hiya bro I blow my lung
And I just got warmed up, microwave

BOEF – Gewoon Boef, English lyrics


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