BOEF Rolls Sessie English lyrics

Ey, ey, ey
Fat blunt and an AA
In my Rolls I lay low, low
Bookings on request
Fuck school, I’m making a mess
I come from the streets where you get dirty
But I blew up, grenade
It is better that I hear nothing
Because when I hear something it’s bla bla
Come from Raamkla, that’s Alkmaar
Put the robbery, men shoot there
Look at my last name, didn’t have a permanent job
Be everywhere where those flaps go
Will not sit, she saw me standing
Twenty-four was a millionaire
To be honest, I go way too far
Maybe I will buy a new Merry-ry-ry-ry

Ey, ey
I’m in the neighborhood, I’m flying there
Pila with my pirate
Brother, he squats that cage and goes pia
And he hits my head, just like Ibra
And your street stories are not true
Play your annual salary on FIFA
Extend limits, I need Visa
Will it be a penthouse or a villa?
I have to stunt (Stunt), stunt (Stunt)
All my kids who are going to be proud
If I measure money I’m on time
This is for the streets, I’m northside
If I keep on turning, it’s over
Be sharp before I drive Ford
Fuck a gun brother, have a bomb
A lot of blue when I detour
Are you driving Rolls or VW? Balmain or D2?
Must win no 1-1, because money bro, right away
They ask me for coke but I don’t go in C
If I also hit five tons with my new CD
Sometimes with MB without MBs
See no entrance, no the backstage
I’m a real cousin, show in a real cousin
When she gives head, it gets really hot
And my profit is increasing, I have to earn extra
Have white, come ski with me
Your bitch is sucking on both knees
But these times you have to get up
I’m on the street, have to hit a ton
Now that I am blowing up, it becomes broke
Still fuck fame and the Five-0
I have to continue as a psycho
So I do that, it’s just Boef bro
I see that they are furious that the boy takes so much money
I still listen 2Pac, did it since group 8
So much Louboutin’s husband, my house looks like a bloodbath
Beng, beng

BOEF – Rolls Sessie, English lyrics


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