Boef – Sofiane (English lyrics available)

Ey ey listen
Of course you see the shine, but you’ve never seen the pain.
Without parents, I was young, about 9 years old
When something disappears, you save it in your mind
And my uncle used to hit my aunt, but I didn’t want to be like that
I was doomed to fail, just like my mother and father
Father was in jail, I couldn’t talk to him
My mother would drink a glass, and that wasn’t water
I saw her as a lioness, but she lived with a hangover
“And I swear I gotta make it”, is what I said in my room
If I came to your room, it wasn’t to device
I don’t have to be ashamed for the things I’ve done
Because even if you’re hungry (?)
Alright, when I was 10, I wanted to see my dad
I had so many questions that I let upset me
Looked for a way out in music, reached a public
And now I’m stealing all these shows, but I was always a thief
Where is mommy? Where is daddy? Why am I so alone ?
Why is that guy rich, but I got nothing to eat?
I sat in my room, I know very well how how I used  to pray
Hopefully I’ll be the one, but I’ve got it in my genes
Often problems with the law, when we were looking for some paper
When they put me in a cell, there was no one to help
Back then there was no hope,  it was struggling and fighting
Every morning when I woke up, it would start just like yesterday, hah
In the meantime I was 14 , I had to take care of my own money
You won’t see me broke, even if I have to walk over dead bodies
Fight with your girl, it must be about social media likes
If she wants to leave you, I don’t get why you still stay with her
I don’t work for a boss, I’ll be the owner
Sometimes I did wrong things and I looked bad to myself
I’m all about numbers, even if I have to go to jail
So even if they look at me as a thug, then so be it (I don’t care)
Around my fifteenth birthday, Mo showed me the pipe
He told me: “If you start dealing, mum will be happy”
The more I risked, the more I saw her pain
Money makes you blind, I continued in the crime scene
I turned 16, ended up in detention
Robbery, you were going down, mate
I was suspected of .16
I went to my cell and thought, let me write 16 bars
Rapping in the group, the boys told me: “You are heavy!”
Around my 17th, I only thought about robbing a friend
I drove a Vespa, in my head I was already driving a Range
I was with a bitch at the time, but she wasn’t real
Because I was broke, but fuck that’s the way it was
18 years old and I was a suspect again
The prosecutor gave me a piece of advice but the judge gave me a sentence
I had to go on a vacation with Koevoet for a while, mate
“I will be back soon”, but that’s not how it went down
Bad news for the woman who raised me
Because she got cancer and had to undergo tests
I was trapped between the walls, but I already knew very well
If I wanted to see her alive again, it would have to be a miracle
And it happened, with a lot of whining
I was granted a leave of absence for 5 days, that’s what I remember of that period
She laid in her death bed, creeping of the pain
She looked at me while crying and said: “Promise me you will make something out of your life”
Back to the prison with a promise in my pocket
And some hash in my stomach, what if that scoop snaps?
What I didn’t realize then, was that I had golden bars
“Your flow is always dead, just like Kenny in Southpark”
They want to pull me down, I have God as my mainstay
We listen to Tupac around here and screw Outlaws
I didn’t have parents to tell me what’s wrong
Now I’m bringing fire for every single day that it was cold
It’s nice if you make it and don’t break
Riva always told me, the things you rap about is what we’re living
Frenchie told me, bro if you start rapping you will make us hot
At the time of my first session, I was heavy in the ‘growing’ business
But if I wasn’t rapping it would be a huge mistake
I once said I will be the best, and I am well on the way to make that come true
You talk about me, but you pass through nothing yourself
I take a puff of my joint and think in my Range

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