BOEF – Quarantaine Seesie #1 (English lyrics)


When you do something, bro, I don’t really care
My head is hot, hah, while I don’t like a drink (Never)
Walk with an Albert Heijn bag that lugs a €10000 (Cash)
I never see the main entrance, I walk around the building (Whoa)
I tell you honestly, without honor I actually think you’re broke (broke)
I see your mom on a bike and you on a train in the club (How?)
You wear that Roley on your wrist, but haven’t been busy for a while, no
That coce line that eventually broke down
And my life is a movie and I thought, I keep stunting (Whoa)
Remember how you ate pizza and didn’t even give me a slice (nothing)
Summer tour, five zeros, I hear you’re pretty quiet (Ahh)
Your bitch blows everybody, how can you kiss this girl?
Tell him, only know what success is, don’t even know what sleep is
Take me to a booth, every beat gets a funeral
Look, if you’d bring fire that was on a low burner (Low)
Your whole house might be what my garage is (Hahaha)
Close the window, otherwise they will climb inside (Inside)
Now I put three 100’s in front of that bedding
I’ve always had to climb and even now I can’t chill, no
Because too many fans and music is what they want
I come from a neighborhood where nobody talks to the police (Right to remain silent)
Come from a neighborhood, break in or narcotics (Drogga)
Sirens that ensure that you do not sleep anyway
I had to build everything myself as Utopia (Woeh)
And was already hot, but these days the boy is warmer (Hot)
And be real, cause if I fell you’d never catch me (Never)
Come lay in the holes between cage carp (Ahh)
Versace slippers on, now I walk on beautiful marble
Five K for those stones on my little finger (On my little finger)
Come sit down, have a tea with me
When I heard what he was offering it had to settle for a moment (Sink)
You’re a clown, you just forget to paint (Ahh)
We live in a time when people now have corona (Corona)
So be a man and go bring some food to your grandma (Then bring)
They are going to extend those three weeks anyway (In any case)
Chill it quietly at my bar or in my cinema with stars (Hahaha)
And you must have dreams and go after them (Dreams)
Now they stand in line, I leave them nice behind (Ahh)
Most want to chill, let work go
But are now red, as if they are behind a window
Ze3ma from the street, hah, because you pull that knife quickly
Go to the kitchen, bring back your mother’s knife
Almost at Schiphol and I turn that horn really fast (Ahh)
Dreams are deception, right?  What if it really works?(Whoa)
Stripes like a tiger, also have weed, pass the lighter
Tracksuit from a designer, I have to run, bro (I timer)
I’m writing, don’t even think about those bitches anymore
I’m only on gravel, millions, then I disappear to Thailand or Algeria

Anyway brother, I have to get out of here, man
Its hot times
Pay close attention to your family, pay close attention to yourself

Just Boef man, rrrraa!


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