Bonus RPK ft. Sokół, Juras – Wehikuł czasu (English lyrics)

[1st verse: Bonus RPK]
It’s a new era.
I’m gon’ tell you how it is.
I feel big changes comin’.
This world is spinnin’ so fast that I’m gettin’ confused.
I think back to my childhood.
I remember watchin’ “The Moomins”, “Daimos”, “Gigi” and few more on television.
I wanted to be a pro footballer just like Tsubasa
and to do fake skills and tricks.
It was unthinkable, at that time, for boys to use lip gloss.
There was more taboo subjects and less nosy parkers.
Sandlots were vibrant with life and guys were sitting on benches and sippin’ on ’em drinks.
Stairwells doors were open all the time cause everyone knew each other.
They were a crash out place for the homeless who felt safe there.
When we were kids parents weren’t so worried about us.
We would climb into trees.
We didn’t care if we got bruised up cause we were having fun.
But this new generation is a bunch of wimps.
Older guys would smoke heroin on the stairways
and you could smell the odour of cheap wine coming from an open window.
I remember the 90s very well. The good, the bad, the ugly.

[Chorus: Sokół]
We have our feet on the ground so that we won’t find ourselves in a predicament.
But many wankstas are just dyin’ to lose their face.
They just lookin’ to get hurt but life is not a tv show.
You need to go back in time and learn how to carry yourself like a man.
We have our feet on the ground and solve our problems straight away
but nowadays many guys don’t have any goals in life.
We know them courtyards and people from real life interaction.
Get yourself a time machine to see how it was back in the day
cause those times were a bit healthier.

[2nd verse: Juras]
These words open up a time portal, for real.
Time machine takes you to my city.
Crime city where violence is present on every corner.
Where you make money after it gets dark.
Śródmieście, you won’t tag yourself on social media
because there are no smartphones, facebook or even internet.
Don’t be scared, take a stroll down the hood.
If you get approached by strangers tell them you know me.
Down here football pitches are full of kids and no one’s a stranger.
Down here out-of-towners are gettin’ robbed all the time.
Down here people come up with different ways to get by.
Down here you’re watchin’ life from up close.
Down here you usually take pictures with your family
instead of posing half-naked for instagram photos.

[Chorus: Sokół]

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