Booba – Centurion (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
Izi, there’s never any drought, I’m smoking my Centurion’s hash
Everything is black in my stable, I swear on my Amex Centurion
I fuck them, but not without their heels, send the word out to Cinderella
It’s been a while now that I don’t even verify the price of the barrel anymore, I won’t stop at a hundred million
Me and your whore we’re leaving, she’s gonna take a breathalyzer test
Big Buffalo Balls, the competition is selling chestnuts
Dirty son of a bitch, you have no respect, we agreed to not speak about parents
When AR-15 comes out, you better not start speaking German
You will have to speak softly, articulate, in order for me to understand
Repeat yourslef several times, I’m high, I might not understand a word
Careers are built slowly, they stop as fast as a war axe
Those sons of bitches are casting the evil eye on me, I tainted the double R’s windows
Revenge, anger, academic failure, say “Y’a R” to Baudelaire, to Molière
There’s euros, blows, everything that is “khabat”, I’m about to quit rap, bro it sucks
It doesn’t pay the rent anymore, I spend to much mula, you talk to much it’ over for you, blood on your 20 fingers
If you remove Elie Yaffa, you remove a King


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