BOOBA – Freestyle Pirate (English lyrics)

Intro :
Don’t you think that I know what I’m doing ?

Unique verse :
Don’t you think that I know what I’m doing ? I’ve been going to war for so long
The next one is Damso, don’t make me have to swear on my mother’s life
To each his cross, to each his Elvira
Peace will be brand new maybe we will appreciate it
I believe in God in my own way, it’s definitely not Jesus that guides me
I’ve been in power for half a century, can we consider that a genocide ?
You rather talk about it, I rather live it
I’ve had to rewrite all those books, I need to full the tank up in order to free my mind
9.2 that’s the elite, selling out all those kilos isn’t difficult
I’ll never be a myth, I’ve really written all those tracks
The money stacks are so high, wallaye bilaye I’m losing my balance
I’m been listened to left and right, I’ve had to burn all the wires
She searched for me on the whole floor, she knocked on all the suites
There’s only Didier that we don’t like, Salam to the whole team

BOOBA – Freestyle Piraterie (English lyrics)


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