Booba – Generation Assassin (English lyrics)

Intro :
I go to the shisha lounge, shisha lounge
I can’t, I’m going to the shisha lounge

Unique verse :
I only go the shisha lounge for the Arabic bitches
If you see the nigga on his knees, it’s because I took something in the head rest
I fuck mothers at all speed, my dick has the Tourette’s syndrom
I’m Edouard’s nightmare when he’s at the cash machine
I’ll light your mother up from the tourelle
If you’ve got a fat ass, you’ve got everything that I love
If you’ve got a fat ass, you’ve got everything that I love
You don’t have sex on the first date ?
Me, I don’t have sex on the second one
In human blood if I have to drown
My Balmain Jean is wort a month of rent
Transformation, quai de grenelle
Kasher Ferrari, Patrick Bruel
The road to my heart is dark alley
I’m all about conflicts
G.L.O.C.K makes the law, G.A.T.O, everything is black
You eat from the bowl, I dig tunnels
Sinaloa Cartel flow
Génération Assassin, Ideal J, Mama Lova
I put it up her ass, Uber leaves
I tan under UV, Supernova
I don’t care about your shenanigans, and the person you killed
Vroum, vroum, I’m doing wheelies up in your madre’s ass
We can’t even say that you didn’t play well, because you didn’t play
Lead shower in the lower back in order to calm you down
A lot of them ditched us, many are those
Pirate very dark are those, dark convoy
Apparently you’re mean, what I perceive
2 AM in Auchan’s Parking lot, we would have to meet
In order to deal with that once and for all like Jo Lopez
This nigga took me for a bitch so fuck him
Fucking mothers is my struggle, I’ve got all the thesis
My plan : I’ll fuck them all and dump them all
Too close to evil, too far from the hajj
I can’t wait for summer, I hope it snows



  1. Leroy Jefferson

    Amazing site,thanks a lot.
    I gave u guys 5 stars in WOT.

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