Booba – Jimmy (English lyrics)

Intro :
Sénégal, D.K.R
Jimmy !
Bakel City gangster

Verse :
Jimmy came
To France hoping he would find
Freedom, equality
But in reality
Identity control
Police brutality
Jimmy understood quickly
That he would have to fuck a few people up
Back where he’s from there’s only Jesus
That shows the other cheek
So Jimmy grabs his revolver
And struggles to survive from day to day
He learns that in life
In order to make it you have to take risks
That when your name is Jimmy
You rarely get your due share
Our strength resides in our fathers suffering
That’s what we inherited
He won’t survive until the end of the movie
Won’t be mentioned in the ending credits
But Jimmy
Will never be helpless
Would rather go to jail for life
Like in the U.S
Jimmy wants to be the best
In order for no one to compare
He lives crime through music
Dishonestly equalized
Jimmy is not afraid of the Sherif
He’s on the other side
The other side of the highway
His days are counted, numbered
Jimmy wants to be paid
Cash and right away
Otherwise he’ll turn off the music
Will smoke you while singing
He won’t turn off the lights while leaving
Jimmy won’t live long
But Jimmy is from the old country
Full stomach, happy nigga
That’s Jimmy

Outro :
Ohohohoh, Jimmy
Jimmy has his reasons, that are unknown to reason
He doesn’t respect the law
The law doesn’t respect him


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