Booba – Walabok (English lyrics)

Intro :
Your mom, that old Visigoth
Walabok, walabok

Unique verse :
You’ll hit a snag going against me
Pray for your talisman to give you some strength
You’ll never happen, like the featuring with Rohff
30 000 euros in my pocket, bitch, bitch I’m a boss
The charger is long, the Glock is loaded
Good heavens, motherfuck, bomboclat
A squad in front the block
The cops will bust you at six o’clock
I’m back like Knockout Ned
They played my record on NRJ, I can’t believe it
Haut-de-Seine, we’ve got the whole stock
Piracy never ends, walabok
Your bitch isn’t the only one that we’ll tie up
I’m Attila the Hun, your mom, that old Visigoth
Gillette Mach 3 under your glottis
All of this is black like Moussa Diop
Boulbi Square, Aulnay Sous Bois welcomes you
Even if you’re strapped up, I’m not sure you’ll make it out
Don’t say anything on the phone, not even in morse code
The trap house is in the states, Me, I’m on the porch
Posted up like a Grizzly
I bring the heat like Michael Beasly
There’s not only honey in my cave
Pay what you owe, you’ll get smoke if you come up short
I don’t give a fuck about your crew
They’ll ditch you like Kourtney K dumped Scott
High class thug
I’ve got Mirko Cro Cop in the starting blocs
Street’zer, we’re always ready
Police custody, fuck it, I’ll deny everything
You drive a rental car, and your chains are all fake
You couldn’t even pick up a lady-boy in Bangkok
You’re going through such a drought, that you’re facebook status says “I hope it rains”
The more I learn about mankind, the more I love my rottie
We don’t care about where you’re from or the set you claim
Piracy never ends, walabok


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  1. Glenn Silpa

    The line “Ta mère la Wisigoth” is meant in a pejorative way, the “old” was added there for that effect…But you’re right it’s “Visigoth”.

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