BOOBA PGP English lyrics

Unique verse :
PGP activated, the zone is under control
It’s little more expensive in the zoo but it’s good quality
The cop who killed Adama Traoré will be found not guilty
Maes told me : “Kopp, the madrina wants to get married”
Always ready to fuck mothers, I wanted to point that out
The sportcars, the mansions, the fat bitches, everything’s there
I fucked you in the ass on a Kaaris song, I can’t stop thinking about you
I put myself through all kind of shit for money
You’ve been stuttering since birth
Having grenades is good but can you pull the pin out ?
I would like to have the same funeral as MLK, not Johnny Hallyday
Fuck your mother through the ass, the pirates don’t approve of you
PG activated, 9 milli in order to fuck you up
Show your butt on one of my tracks, I’m gonna have to repost it
I signed with God but Iblis would like to manage me
I’ll do your contouring for you, but I’ll do them with a white chalk
If you talk shit through your mouth, the violence will escalate
Say hello to my little friend, you bastard
I walked out strapped up, I’m listening to “train de vie” from Koba LaD
I’m Captain Africa, green-yellow-red on the shield
Her mother doesn’t like me, she says that I’m too obscene
I just bought two houses with the money from Ipséité
Go prepare my food, don’t talk about my cheating
If you’re her enemy, then you’re mines, there’s no ambiguity
PGP activated, my left demon is under the couch
I just ordered the latest AMG pearly white
Like all the guys from the Anti crime brigade, I didn’t go to college
She wants me to put a ring on her finger, I find that rude of her
You’ve been provoking me for a long time, the sentence won’t be too long
Say hello to my little friend, you bastard
I’m gonna come with hatred, leave with M
Don’t bring your Brazilian girl or else I’ll leave with her
PGP activated, I’m rolling up two blunts in the staircase

Booba – PGP, English lyrics


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