BOOBA – Ratpi World (English lyrics)

Automatic weapons, it’s fantastic
What’s going on, homie?
I’m in my Ratpi World, eh

[Verse 1]
They came at 6′ in the morning, rangers, no fishnet stockings
They want us to be trapped like city rats, surrounded like in Palestine
The bumper kiss the storefront, D.U.C.: ain’t no crystalline
Wallaye, I’m on you like a Djinn, it’s worse than you know
Gargoyles on a blessed roof, rate-pi patrols day and night
If you don’t know who I am, your flat screen come from Momo Henni
It’s all written but I don’t like reading, you’re fake, your skin it’s not thick
Many people that I like but I don’t like to say it, many people I hindered want to destroy me
So be it, I’ve always let the devil seduced me
Into Tony’s desk, loaded grenade-launcher, huge ceremony
It’s tough, bro, the pandemic, give me an advance of one and a half kilo
9-2, Porte de Châtillon, Lamborghini, gull-wing door (I’m too gang, she can’t say “no”)

What’s going on, homie? I’m in my Ratpi World
Automatic weapons, it’s fantastic
What’s going on, homie? I’m in my Ratpi World

[Verse 2]
Let’s get divorced at the city hall, let’s do the hlel at Chagoumi’s
Liquidating them up to the last man will always be a good idea
If you haven’t a camp, you have no opinion, no ship, no future
By saying nothing, we said it all so shut the fuck up and follow me
Lost my insta’ again, my own thing it’s music
I try to keep my instinct, disoriented by the algorhithm
In six gear, I can see better the sky, way too late to go back
I told her: “Give me some gel”, not for my hand but to put my dick in your ass
I’m closer to the Rif than to the Gif, you’re closer to a bullet than to a slap

To the Rif
Let’s get divorced at the city hal

BOOBA – Ratpi World (English lyrics)


  1. Johnathan D. Hill

    One of the dope things to me about French rap is the poetic quality even in the vulgarity of the lyrics;

    2 of my favorite solo artists are Sch and Booba, they always tend to express deep philosophy hidden in what on surface level sounds like scoundrel lyrics.

    PNL is also another favorite duo of mine as they always feel as if they rap from the heart and soul.

    Sooner or later I’m going to teach myself French so I can understand these potent lyrics in their original intended format but until then, sites like this one helps an American hear and understand some beautiful philosophy transmitted through rugged bars and verses.

  2. Hey @Johnathan D. Hill, I’m the guy that made the translation, I’m super happy seeing you enjoyed it !
    Anyway concerning what you said about the poetic quality of the vulgars lyrics in french rap, it is true that I haven’t found any american rappers doing it the way french rappers do it. Tho not all french rapper have this style, mainly Booba (who I believe is the creator of this style), Kaaris and Damso.
    If you wanna check out more translation of Booba’s songs go on, I (my genius profile is @Paulo-Pablito) have done a few dozen of his song:
    – 3/4 of his first solo album “Temps Mort” is translated
    – A few of his song on “Mauvais Oeil”, his album with his duo “Lunatic”
    – Single such as “Comme une étoile”, “Pitbull”, “Je me souviens feat. Kennedy”, “Tallac”, “Temps Mort 2.0 feat. Lino”, “Bellucci feat. Future”

    In the search bar, add (english translation) after the song title and you’ll find them easily.


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