BOOBA – Variant (English lyrics)

Intro :
Da Over, la track, mec

Unique verse :
They’re out to get me, afraid of the void, I can no longer smell anything, I’ve got the COVID
The virgin Marie doesn’t have any child, scientifically, it’s impossible
The horizon isn’t looking too good, we’re advancing, we’re not bending over
100 million to play ball, to silence all the critics, go ahead, sign
We went back to Dagobah, we deserted the VIP section
If I bought a Ferrari, it’s not to show off, it’s to go fast
I like wrinkles, scars, imperfections, I don’t like filters
They teach us to stop thinking for ourselves, it’s you and me against the elite
I don’t like mankind, I’m not friendly, I only have one attachment : the placenta
I’m predicting the end of the world like an Inca King, Magenta, that’s the agenda
My downstairs neighbor as a sacrifice, vote “rat-pi” for us to get it over with
My cigar is communist, I light it up with a liberating flame
One day they’re bluffing, one day they’re lying, some wax in order to relax myslef
Mao collar, hammer, anvil, the upper class France, aren’t friendly people
“Smoking kills”, is written on it, they keep selling it to us as long as we keep asking for it
Guys like me, will end up getting hanged, I don’t want to make history
Guilty, I was sentenced, there’s no ghost excepts at the prison visit
Peace is beautiful : I never believed in it, peace in this world : I never saw it
I’m mister Black, Tarantino, watch your back, the whole camino
The Talibans, the Klu Klux Klan, welcome to the WA, Sicario
Armand de Brignac and Sativa, a blank stare while capsizing
Shout out to Lebanon, cats have nine lives according to some, not the Shah of Iran
The TV channels, the chains that we have around our necks belongs to them
Children soldiers, Kalashnikovs, meanwhile, they’re playing golf
I’m a variant, I’m a vailliant, I’m more Jean Marie Bigard than Anne Roumanoff
I don’t see my father, I barely see my brother, the new world : a bunch of scumbags
I no longer love life, I love my kids, I remain proud under the torture
They’re trying to change my DNA, I told you “serve yourself” but you took too much
The pirate ship is eternal, we’ll be back, ask Floki
The satelite that is eyeing us, the giant web that unfolds
Full pandemic, Euro, Olympic games, and you, it doesn’t even alert you
Fish and meat, on fridays, the beast is here, it weakens us
I’m hearing screams : “Oh my baby”, nothing will save us from the writtings

BOOBA – Variant (English lyrics)


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