Braz ft. MocroManiac, Fresku, Pietju Bell & Killer Kamal – Testosteronbommen (English lyrics)

Intro (Geert Wilders) :
We are importing a culture
We are importing a mass of testosterone bombs
I already mentioned it once
Well, the reality of Dutch people, from women….

1st Verse (Mocromaniac) :
Honey, hotty doggy, The sex was the bomb
Everyone wants money, the stacks make you dumb
Braz asked me do you got some lyrics for a track
I asked him what’s it about ? He said testosterone
I told him that’s me, strapped up
If anyone tries to fuck with me, a few headshots and he’s gone
And punches which will fuck up your mouth, just for fun
I spit banana clips, Starting to feel like Donkey Kong
King Kong dong dom, eyes small Hong-Kong
I’ll let you jump like Jerry, and I’ll find you with my TomTom (navigation)
(I can find you dude)
Oant moarn, that means it can rain
Shout out to Eindhoven, my niggas are eating lobsters
Stage diving maniac still turning up
Still flowing, and there’s no one like me
So follow me, I’ve got some real balls in my jeans
Maniac came up out of that bucket full of crabs

Bridge  (Killer Kamal) :
Wajoow, this track dude, its not normal dude, not normal

2nd Verse (Fresku) :
I keep it functional black, call my nigga relaxed
Where the fuck would you guys be if the frisse won’t rap
I’m the nigga who smacks your children with passion
With my bliggity black, fat dick in your ass. Ladiedadie killuminatie
You want punani (pussy)
A lot of copy cats around her, but nobody succeeds
I tell them the taste of my boner, dick taste
Motherfuckers, faggots want me to hit someone
Faggot if you want, come and bring 3 stretchers with you
Show respect, pretend you are in front of the imam (preacher)
Because I will punch your head into pieces. Here we go
A punch on your head nigga, sleep child, sleep nigga
I will fuck your dad, and I will put your mom in front of a window
Call us bullies
Insane sick maniacs, we are Testosterone Bombs

Bridge (Killer Kamal) :
Ahh , cancer. Aahh this track fucks me, This track fucks me I swear (ahahaha)

3rd Verse (Pietju Bell) :
We are on something, and nobody stops this
Keep giving gas until the tank’s empty
Or we stop at the gas station for a refill
Or short said the gas never runs out
Enough Testosterone for a bitch
I’ve got farmers yogurt
For if you don’t know, I’m a farmer’s kid
And that shit will never change
I’ll show you how you treat a bitch ass nigga
Pick all the feather of that chicken. And leave him behind on his socks
Afterwards he’ll end up on his ass in the bushes
And I don’t fuck with Auto-Tune, that’s something I would never do
Just act normal Lil’ bro, then you already sound strange as fuck
Lacoste is something for the streets, he tells me we are going to do something
Lil’ bro I’ve got balls for the street, its my avenue
Grab the beat in a headlock it doesn’t go anywhere
Farmer’s boys, Testosterone.. I can’t do nothing about it

Bridge (Killer Kamal) :
Testosteronbombs, Best song in the entire world
If you disagree with me I’ll smack you
I beg you, come here, I’ll fuck you in your cancer ass dirty Jew


4th Verse (Braz) :
1 more word on a track and I’ll flip (flips)
I don’t want to hear anything expect for the sound of swallowing
Bitch niggas sometimes want too much and then my hand slips Whoppa bitch boy
I’m going Jason Statham, fatal, Knockel up
The first drop, hits the bucket and the tent goes upside down
Get the fuck away, I want to fuck with that hoe
Varicose veins on my dick, because of stretching that hole
That nigga tells me boys don’t punch me
I give her an ass whooping, she tells me ah just like Pacquiao
I’m mad all day long, Furious
Money because of a lot of coke
1 of the Barbarians, with brown black beards
Nowadays I’m radical like a crowbar on funny guys
Don’t get what they mean with take it easy
Searching for a nigga like a harpoon
Who’s a suspect, no idea
Who the fuck are you ?

5th Verse (Killer Kamal) :
Yoo, I commit a bombing on the pussy of your mom
Because I know she wants my attention
She wants me to put it in her, in her pussy
Ass fucking is the motivation
I go ISIS on this hoe
IS stands for I put my dick in her ass (really)
I swear, in my pants there’s a canon
Kalashnikov KRAKAKA in that pussy
Call me Testosteronie flex
I’m a psycho thief. Who stacks his money
Shab Woensel, we are not unknown
You will see us in the nightmares of that blonde dude (Geert Wilders)
I fuck his mom, cum in his hair of that filthy cancer hoe
Shooting and swallowing, Geraldine Kemper, Geraldine Kamal
I swear come give me head

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