Brulux – Hat trick (English lyrics)

*Yo, waddup man
Brulux on the Flux Vol. 2 (x2)
Hat Trick, crazy shit*

Unique verse :
“Haters talk shit about us
They would like to spread news about me, talk shit behind my back
Brulux is still number one
Little fagagot, you’re having trouble getting started
I spit on all those dick riders
The rap game is over for me
There’s nothing but hypocrits
The french rap game is a child’s game”
I don’t give a shit about success, I’m just as valuable as the mage kings
I’m number one in the projects, when I sail without problems, you do shipwrecks
We’re all just passing trough, whether it’s in the whore houses or massage salons
We’re still living in the slavery days, the little kids out in the streets would snatch your chains off
Yeah, Yeah, don’t do me any stylish hair cut, I’ll pull my gun out and I’ll make you suck on it
Ferrari, Lamborghini, no Audi TT, I don’t owe nobody nothing, you, on the other hand, you’re in debts
I’m burnt like a red light, or on fire like a national flag
I’ve got the french rap game sitting on the bench, I fucked her mother just for the rhyme
Hey, you’ve got powder all over your nose, quick freestyle live from in the parking lot
Name one single person that you ever got out of the struggle, nowadays you even rap with all these losers
I do hat tricks you fucking pawn, I’ll be damned if you ever make it to a milli
We all know that you’re struggling to make ends meet, just ask Nabil, you blow all your money on Don Pérignon
I’m pissed off but I’ll calm down, don’t you dare touch my family or else I’ll murk you
You only sign beautiful kids, no wonder you’re full of charm
I’ve got lip gloss all over my dick, it was just another regular night
I write crazy ass verses, 2015 is mines
Lacrim is making a killing, Brulux will screw all your tiagas
When it’s time to brawl I holla at Moulay, where are Rim’k and Babou the barbarian ?
My contact list is similar to a sadistic person’s, I already told you that on “Benzema”
I don’t give a fuck about you guys, I need to make this money
New joint on Bluetooth, RS6
Your girl gives us head jobs, tainted windows, fuck the police
You can see me in Marseille, just like you can see me at Zarzis
I made a name for myself on Paris, fuck racism, hop on my banana
The police is tracking us down on their bikes, because we found out who the snitch was
Around here we don’t ever smile, The sky is always gray back where I’m from
I’ve lost many dear ones, that’s the reason why I lost so much weight
You invested money in clothes, bsahtek to your Zanottis
You should invest money in weapons, Uzi lead shower
I haven’t changed, I still don’t wear any hair gel in my music videos
But somehow, I still manage to pick up the baddest bitches
I smoke a joint and get high, I’ve got wings, I think back on the jail cell, Hibou A2L
FT, my ride or die homie, 4-4-2 plugged in all week
Prétoire semi-liberté (??), Villejuif Fleury, I raise my glass to you guys
We put our moms trough a lot of worries, that’s what makes us merciless
Knock a cop down and you’ll pass on TV, Zyed Bouna Traoré
Our hearts are filled with anger, since ever, towards the cops
since ever towards the cops, Since ever towards the cops

Bridge (x2)
Tell me homeboy, what the fuck have you done with all of your money ?
Have you forgotten about all of your brothers, is your ego getting to your head
Tell me homeboy, what the fuck have you done with all of your money ?
Have you forgotten about all of your brothers, is your ego getting to your head


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  1. During the first eight bars (between the quotation marks) Brulux raps in Arabic

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