CHIVV – Expose Zwarte Piet (English lyrics)

Piet comes through the chimney and that is why it is black
And why is it black?
That’s because you come out of ehh … through a chimney
And then black as soot
And black as a soot that … that … that just comes through the chimney
Black Piet was created by a black Piet that sinks through a chimney
When I go through a chimney, I’m black too

I never say a word, even though people want us to remain silent
Tradition is tradition, but they deny the facts
I respect your culture, but your people hurt mine
Why don’t we look for an answer for both of us? Shit
It is sensitive when it comes to the colored types
Logical that we want to fight for colored Petes
Alternatives are perfect, but you prefer nagging
Tell me, is it hate?
Or would you rather ruin my mood?
I am not holy, I am not that hypocrite
I also celebrated the party, but that was before I knew the facts
Now that it works, I am committed, because I feel obliged
And I fight for my people, don’t just go into that fight for nothing
Stop that scene, I got you
But your plans are not shared
I was uncertain a long time ago, but I am not silent anymore
Because the blacks have been in a negative image for some time
Listen, you have black driving, black money, blacking, black work
Reality feels like a bitch when you notice that shit
But have brothers around me, am not alone, I am strong
Young king from the ghetto who proudly dies as black
You won’t get me small anymore, I am a step further
I didn’t go to school in the old days, but my power gave me knowledge
And God gave me a gift, so now I can count
I am a rapper and family man and that is craftsmanship
I’m sorry for the kids
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to prevent your party
But the facts are written and stories that blind you
Everyone comes with stories, but mine is much simpler
Oh, it’s a chimney that makes you black?
What about those red lips and that accent?
What about that frizzy hair and those earrings?
Keep denying it means you are cowardly
Judging is only allowed if you know the burden yourself
We were quiet, now you think I’m weak
Actually, I want to clap you, just like a brass band
But I remain calm, because I know I am a beautiful person
I’m a black person, blacka

CHIVV – Expose Zwarte Piet (English lyrics)


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