Sinik – Contradiction (english lyrics)

Intro :
Immortal II
13th of April 2015

1st Verse :
Those drugs have seriously gotten to our heads, I swear
We respect the OGs in the hood, but insult our own mothers
Sometimes we laugh at evil things,it’s ridiculous, we wear guns
In our videos, we don’t fear God anymore, we shit ourselves in court
Sometimes I don’t understand men, he likes his girl but beats her
The only fidelity card he knows is the one that gets you Kebab around the corner
He walks trough hell, hands in his pockets
He has the keys to the new Porsche but rather rob a citroen
They criminalise weed, with evidence to support, for people’s lives
Yet they’ve been selling wine since the dawn of times
So they will sign
My judgment of death, because smoking is bad for health, word of a vigneron
Loving can cause pain, behind closed doors, go ahead and cry
beaten wives, they encourage each other, “allez les bleus”
Having a charming prince, they all have that sad goal
Wrong, they’re only attracted to the king of jerks

Hook (x2) :
In the land of cheaters, paradoxical lives
Rich off crime, soccer or thai boxing
blunt in mouth, fuck all honors
Drink like a nut to be drunken with joy

2nd Verse :
Around here we talk like volunters
almost pale, we act like there’s a crisis, we spend a thousand bucks on smartphones
A bunch of fallen men, trying to get by
They act like tough guys in their clips while their moms starve on snacks
I don’t co-sign anyone, Every man is his own master
Oppening fire is just as dumb as throwing oil on it
They talk about freedom, act like dictators
Tommorow if I fuck you over, don’t mind it’s just a cartoon
Paranoiac atmosphere, no tenderness towards his mother
We say “I love you” to whores, without meaning a word
I’m scared of what they might become
She doesn’t have sex on first dates, she’ll wait on the second one to act like a slut
Now we know, you can lose your life in Police custody
No thug ain’t more dangerous than the Quai des Orfèvres
They talk about islam, polygamism
They’re all a bunch of hypocrits, the first lady of France gets cheated on

Chorus (x2)

3rd Verse :
When you’re young you want to represent your city
Paradoxically, Staying here at 35 is called being a failure
Brawls and crushed glasses, you have to assume
We tell kids not to smoke, what we rather is to see them hustling
They advocate death penalty, those sons of bitches have the same harness
They cut the same hand that they armed themselves
Then they go around chanting “freedom, let’s carry guns”
A.Ks become easier to find than Jordans
Yeah, that’s enough to stain your underwears
Contradiction, It’s the brother in addiction that speaks about god while rolling up his blunt
No legit reasons
Contradictive like a Lepen in the halal food section

Chorus (x2)

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