Cor | Wintersessie 2022 | 101Barz (English lyrics)

Verse 1

Am a boy of respect like my family of principles
What’s all I got?
Cause I didn’t have a single
Posted on the corner grind for all that mе love
Homie I’m from dе fotto where a rover hangs out with dealers
Am what titti is… a good father and a soldier
Searched for plants in an attic with my vision on a suitcase
One never stops believing young look from where we come
100 rounds during airing hide the pistol for my son
Am separate and unapproachable
I never talk without guidance
Without knowledge always silent
Didn’t show off the requirements
Can write those lessons for you
I’ve always listened well
Old soul there before my age
Brought the light there in the dark
Cor that’s what hope is for the boys without a route
Where the payment is always coke and part goes to your mother
When I look at present then the blessing is since ancient times
For where would I have been without pain and all the trouble?
I can switch in a flash and let my demons speak to you
You don’t want to force it and me here on you have to change
Keep it 100 with my people am not 100 for those pennies
Get those things out the stash and I’ll eat between bars
The realest aim at dealers for myself never sad
No emotion for those souls I got mouths to feed here
Keep the pistol for feeling wait for heat in the calm
Got some wires loose up here and nobody to put out my fire
Can’t help but be myself That could get me killed
Little boys pull big because they want to get big
I was just like you too so here’s my respect
Stay forever with the real and see the pipes as invest
Left, right I did guns on them
Lack my conscience cause I had to sit out my years
Blood spatter on my shoes Feel at home on plate offences
Can lure me from my tent then it’s about to take place
Ask my victims ask the judge
Ask my hitters about love
Put that money never between I’m loyal to my grave
Brother I’ll get… like I said before I’ll give that rap a chance but I’ll come back 3x harder
If it’s gonna be like that brother there ain’t no limit
Cause I’m coming for everybody so let me calm down before I pull
Brother realize… where the fuck we come from
Be a fucking warchild Look into my eyes for a second
Trust the glock and talk to dead people
Take your block and I’ll do punches from the block and want to go up
I can send you to your gods
I don’t give a shit about any of your shit
Think of clothes for my son
Brother the barrel is ice cold I’ll have your people frozen here
Keep my word and make a promise I don’t have time to fuck around here
And once again let me be when I choose I have chosen
In my nature I’m a robber otherwise a flexible guy
Am a father with family and a way out for my robbers

For my boys still toast in the hall
For my boys there in prison give a call
I swear we’re gonna make it if I have to go back for years
Till I see everybody smoking pot in the mall

Cor – Track 2, produced by Hakmadafuck

Ey my boy come to get me says those people are racist
And I respect your life but this is not 1 brick
Catch myself interested and I ask him what’s up
I know he wouldn’t just ask when it comes to little gain
I’m here now
Where I feel at home
In conversations about hitting and it feeling right
Maybe I’m still up for the devil
Cause my dreams are violent and I doubt
If I can keep rapping I feel far from relaxed
Miss the info from the cops that they’re chasing my ass
And then it’s not justice but the kilos that I snatch
At the wasi man of murder and we pray with a vest
I’m here now…
At the table of marble
Get told we’re trying but they only trust white people
Can you come along for a hand and change last time
Ey Mano man I swear this is a lifetime hit lets go

Interlude + Vocals
Then there’s always someone from your past that’s gonna say to you like….
Ey listen, I still have this or that
Then that step is quickly made.
Ok the meeting is set I have taken the choice now
Am backa at my killers are shot from my dreams
Think for a second about my son Double check on the guns
If he pulls I’m gonna kill him loose my soul again in that race
Knew all along this will come but knew all along to fight
Now there’s no God around, I’m obsessed with pennies.
If that information is correct then it’s at least thirty
And that’s just the stuff, that’s shenanigans on all those sheets
See us driving in column this is two black cars
Zero tolerance and the chopper’s loaded
Two hands on the butt Got eighteen in the drawer
Released my conscience and one more in the chamber
The navi says we’re here See the focus on my buddy
Cause he knows he’s gotta murder him shit we ain’t gonna ask twice
We’re clear on duties Have a chat with them
Introduce myself and after that there’s no mercy

Interlude + Vocals
Yeah it’s just that in the beginning he didn’t really want to cooperate
So I told him a few times to cooperate.
He ended up not doing that so then I chose to hit him several times with a gun man.
Shit the door is opened look him straight in the face
See the relief in his face say that faggot I am fine
I am the son of Dré and you used to work with my uncle.
I notice that he relaxes but he looks at death now
Behind me are my shooters and I ask him about the coke
He says hold on a second Go get it Wait here with my son
He comes back in a minute and his eyes get big
Cause his son has a weapon in his mouth and on his head
One move and I blow and he feels it is serious
See the eyes of my boy and he knows this is about life
He don’t hesitate for a moment and he’s got it all pointed out
Got no empathy faggot I was born to steal
Tie him up and beat him up Slam the cob on his teeth
Shoot his little boy in the belly My boy gives a warning
Better to stay where you are and leave loss for what it is
The last thing you want is your chains in the coffin.

Cor – Track 3, produced by Hakmadafuck

Again a mama with the tears again a son with a demand
Missing his mama for years no emotion in his eyes
Inside it hurts but there’s no place for regrets
Cause his homies call free he’s the first on the block he’s a killer
Another life wasted here one dead and one jailed
Do you eat noodles, watch movies?
Do you keep laughing, do you cry a lot?
It’s all up to you now, there’s no one to see you
Only God sees his baby and his mother asks him please
Deliver him from the devil, let him become who he was
For you are still mama’s baby man she just had you in her arms
At least that’s the thought you’ve had for a long time You were just in class
You came home to eat with your books in your bag
But her son’s not what his mother thought
He’s hungry for the money and now he’s out hunting every day
He’s made his first back and wants a hundred in his closet
He’s decided no mercy for the dreams he had
Now he’s stuck!

Yes we are coming out of the bando
Many losses in the street
Little boy with his ammo Let the gun go
Another mother with sorrow


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