DADJU – Confession (English lyrics)

Intro :
Hum, eh
Oh oh ah

Unique verse :
You’ll probably hear that I’m not the most reliable guy
That if I love you, I’ll be too possessive, that I have an ego
It might be true, I never felt like an innate person, the type you call “hero”
I walk the thin line between a nice guy and the biggest of the ass holes
People turned their backs on me, I lost some people on my way since I started out, I just keep thinking about it
Is it me that hurt the people around me or was I alone from the start ?
I was hurt, that time I almost lost my queen, from thinking real life was like on stage
I was angry, two steps away from cutting my wrist when the betrayal comes from behind
Let them talk shit, let them talk shit, let them talk shit, I know what I need to do
I can handle, I can handle all the negative words from the the whole world
I was into sharing, I must have turned a new page, there was a carnage inside my heart
It’s during the trials and tribulations that you see people’s true faces : there’s less people around during the storm
Before I got rich, I was poor, I know what it’s like to be poor, I don’t want any of that life
There was no water in the bucket, I worked from noon to dawn in order to change my life around
Rancor is one of my flaws, if you ever left me in the pit, I won’t forget you
The worst is that when the sun is out, everyone wants to get on your ship, go fuck yourself
I’m far from being an example, by the way, I don’t want people to take me as an example
With a smile, I can lie to you, no one knows what I’m going through
I’m well educated but sometimes, it’s hard
Sometimes my heart is broken but it’s way too complicated to explain
I need to get myself together, I wasted time in my life
I destroyed myself, I don’t care about my enemies only my family
I’m relentless, there’s so many people that I have to provide for
And the thing that heals me, is to see my daughter’s smile (yeah)
I was always told that a man has to hide in order to cry
That’s probably the only advice that I applied without screwing up
My girl doesn’t understand my need to always control everything, she tells me : “Dju, we’re married, you know”
But if I keep everything to myself, it’s in order not to worry them
And if I had to open up all the time, my entourage would be devastated
My world is revolving around certain people that I can count on, seeing them in good health, yeah
I’m never done, I’m never done and even when I’ve made it, I want more
I still commit the mistake of showing people that I have money
Fireworks in the night club whenever I pull out my black card
And the golden rule, is that during a misunderstanding
If you ever want to remain neutral and not chose side, to me you’re dead
You have my encouragement even if you’re wrong
You’re enemy, is mines if there’s any problem
And I hope that when they bury me, you’ll go and take care of my loved one
These last words will be my last will
And I hope that before they bury me, my heart will be on my sleeve once again, in order to leave a little more in peace

Outro :
I grew up without my father
I don’t want my daughter to end up like me
Ouh ouh, yeah yeah, na, eh
Oh oh ah

DADJU – Confession (English lyrics)


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