Damso – A. Nwaar Is The New Black (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I’m not from the ghetto, I’m not from the projects
So, if I have to fuck you up, I’ll do it alone
I know a few sons of bitches, but I don’t hang with them
We only linked up once or twice up in order to make cash
I fear my life more than my death
I lost a few people and I’ll lose some more
I don’t talk much and when I open up
It’s in order to tell them what I think of them
I smoke in order to forget about my dreams
Stress and nerves made me loose hair
Reckless, I’ve had a few battles
With some love and some sperm, I painted over her lips
By the smell of her breath, I knew that she was ugly
A glass of Daniel’s in order to only focus on her shapes
The love of the flesh doesn’t only have good scents
I fuck her in the dark in order to not see her horns
I like violence and seeing blood run
Hearing my enemies say “sorry”, without forgiving them
Fucking their bitches and transmitting gonorrhea
I get very mean when you break my balls (fuck)
I could cut your throat, and watch your blood drain out
Spend the rest of my days in prison, without regretting my acts
I speak to myself because no one knows what to answer me
God, Satan, hell and paradise
The poor immigrants, the praying africans
Are waiting on miracles, but only keep seeing tombs
“Yes I cheated, and it’s because of you”
Said to me that bitch whom I had feelings for
Said to me that bitch for whom I suffered so much
Said to me that bitch to whom I was only passing by
She wanted the rose but without the spikes
I lost some field like in Palestine
I’ve got a gold record, but it’s only because of the streams
So the jealous people write hostile tweets
Behind my back, they talk shit, today, big contract I’m signing
I’ll fuck their mothers as soon as it will be possible
Fake niggas, fake radios, I’ll never think much of them
Never will I bend over
Dem’s, #Vie

Nwaar Is The New Black
I’m putting the “9” on the “i”
Put the hashtag on the “Vie”
Nwaar Is The New Black
I’m putting the 9″” on the “i”
Put the hashtag on the “Vie”


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