DAMSO – Une âme pour deux (English lyrics)

Yeah, Yo, the homie say “Dem’s go home you’re pissed”
I respond “Nah, I ain’t pissed
Meh nah, I just only had a couple drinks”
I need to urinate, I have to find a discreet corner
Nearby, or I’ll get lost
On top of that, I smoke some grass
I’m gonna stir up the ***, yeah I’m like that
And then, I’m gonna talk about my ex, I’m gonna talk about her butt
In short, I need to stop
So I’m sobering up on the way back
I come across a romanian whore
Short hair, string, short skirt
Asking for a facial tsunami
But in exchange for money so it’s no
Because I don’t have any, otherwise it’d be a yes
I insist on a free blow job, but she say no (stop it)
“You fucking whore” I’ve responded
But after that things went out of control
Her pimp came after to me to beat me up
A beefy, tall black dude, with a layered cut
BAM! Two-three punches later
Blood is flowing down the walk
But not mine nor the whore
But the one of the black, who’ve got smacked, groaning in pain
While the other one is blubbering, by the way why are you blubbering?
You haven’t any pimp know, so I’m gonna put it on you
Deep down to your vocals chords
She’s getting nervous ,becoming as pale as her ass
Afraid of being assaulted, in distress
I say don’t worry, come in the bando
So I’ll show you Django for real
So we have some fun you and I
So we doll ourselves up you and I
Come here, suck me while I’m emptying a Corona can
I barely put it in, I’m crying out, I cumming Oh Yes Oh Yes
I say ”Here take your facial tsunami of Miami”
The erection came back, I take her in doggystyle
There’s so much space inside
She has the pussy fattier than B.I.G. belly, I just noticed
Fuck it, I’m disgusted so I come out of her hole
The chick say “What are you doing?
I’m not enough sexy for you, please, rape me to the bitter end, man”
Okay, if you insist,
She say “I wouldn’t say no to a fist neither”
I say “What kind of whore are you?”
“The kind whose fucking with his son down the street”
What the fuck, god fucking dammit
She say to me”Yes, yes, yes ,yes Damso I’m your mother
And you haven’t changed at all, that’s for sure
I recognized you when I put your penis on my lips”
I’m backing up step by step
I think I’m becoming paranoid
My heart is tightening, my blood pressure drop
I’ll pass at any time now
I woke up in a white bed, in white sheets
The walls are white, I’m surrounded by white people
And a black dude dressed in white, asking how I feel

Mister Dem’s. Do you hear me?
If you hear me blink twice.
Okay. I’m the doctor Leonard Da Vinci God.
To summarize, you’ve been the victim of a soul transfer
Otherwise called Walk-in experience.
It’s in a way, some kind of agreement between two souls.
The soul that is in the body decides that it can not carry on its life anymore
And instead of letting its body die, another soul will keep living life in its place
As you noticed, your soul has been the target of a forced attempt of exchange
But if the total exchange failed, it’s only because of one thing.
The walk-out had to be able to reproduce the thing that characterizes you the most in this world.
And I am happy to say that your flow, mister Dems, has saved your life.
I’m keeping here you for another little week so we can do some more analysis.
In the meantime, I prescribed you the QALF mixtape from Damso and Jackpot from the group OPG.
I see you again in several hours.
Get some rest and you in a bit.

Mister Dem’s do you hear me?

DAMSO – Une âme pour deux (English lyrics)


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