Dark Polo Gang – Aldilà ft Enzo Dong (English lyrics)

Hook (x2):
Oh only god knows
I’ll find a job into beyond (heaven)
I’ll never go to jail (x3)
I won’t go

Wayne verse:
I’m runnin fast like a gazelle
cops behind me I say “tony go”
fuckin cops fuckin jail
I have a two grams joint lighted
pass to me or pass to sfera
pass it to izi to rkomi or to tedua
from rome to naples
from milan to genova
send a kiss to my mom carmela
love to the brothers who are in jail
half a beer for you we pour it on the ground
don’t talk to me if you don’t know about us
they want me in jail like gucci or mandela
gold chain lookin like lisa simpson
christ face looks like mel gibson
we are o’track you malamore
the new division you know how it ends

Enzo dong verse:
My life is a mess (tarantella) like tarantino
every dark night here I rob
tell me where everybody born judged
tell me where how and when and the I beat u
I want tavernello wine like a rabbi
jumping into the buildings with a grapple
hi to my bros with a biro (pen)
yes we are cubans cigars killers stolen in capodichino
what iron? if of iron u only have tisane ferro’s cd
fuck to ur gang bang that after two tenants you come back and repeat gang gang gang gang how is going u see it?
that I do italic it has to be done
i’m coming with the dark polo gang
enzo dong bye rappers
rock’n’roll red hot chili pepper

Tony effe verse:
I won’t go to jail
with the gang since I was sperm
I go to secondigliano and I come back swollen in the centre (of the city of rome) I smoke so much weed that u think I’m a nigga
fireflis on my neck also a blind could see me
when I walk there is the sun
my chain is a torch
gun in my boxer like in naples
your girl wants me for birthday cake
she see me come in and she turns on
we make money death like in naples
free all the boys from the jail

Hook (x2):
oh only god knows
I’ll find a job into beyond (heaven)
I’ll never go to jail (x3)
I won’t go

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