DJADJA & DINAZ – Ce qui est à nous (English lyrics)

1st verse (Djadja) :
Homie, I’m not like them
I think a lot
I’m high right now
I’ll destroy them all
They’re all liars
They won’t last two half times
You see eyes red like blood, my advice to you would be to do a U-turn
Hey, we’re not dummies
Stop pretending, you gotta make your mother happy
Other than that, I smoke who ever I want
I don’t want to see the cops knocking anymore
Nah, I’ll stop messing around
Maybe from up there, everyone listens to you
Brother, around here, no one believes you
I’m down stairs of my building
I’m wasting my time
Nothing is going well
My homie is slangin’
Wesh, what’s the matter ? I already told you, we know what we’re doing
They’re going crazy, smoking all kind of whack shit, we know what we smoke

Bridge :
Yesterday, they where talking crazy
Today, in PP
Tomorrow in money
Yesterday, they where talking crazy
Today, in PP
Tomorrow in money

2nd verse (Dinaz) :
Don’t cry on my grave, do your dou’a, we’ll see each other up there
I either just got back from Holland or I’m smuggling up some K-Maro
I don’t trust that other guy : I’m paranoid
If I kept everything to myself bro, it was out of love
Don’t you think that those little shit try to act like thugs ?
They talk shit, they talk for nothing, they won’t talk as much in front of the gun
Even in the Caribbean, you won’t find heaven
The Sheitan lies to us, bro, that’s life
You lose your brothers, in the street, everything is real
You won’t find peace, if needed, you’ll pay the price
You go to court, with no lawyer, you deny the facts
Bah tu casses la barre en promenade, en effet (??)
Don’t worry, I won’t forget about the real guys that were there form the start
Getting out of anonymity, I wasn’t expecting that
Who can I count on ?
I think I’m gonna smoke all of them

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