Djadja & Dinaz – La source (English lyrics)

Intro : (movie : Blow 2001)

– 128 000 dollars
– Holy shit, I’m getting an erection just from looking at them
– Did you see Georges ?
– What’s the matter Georges, something’s wrong ?
– Half of this is ours, we’re rich !
– That’s not enough…
– What, what are you talking about ?
– That’s not normal, we’re doing all the work and in the end we only get crumbs…because we’re the middle men…
– So ?
– So, we have to go get it from the source…

Chorus (2x) :
Djadja : I’m hypnotised by the money, hypnotised by the money (x2)
We’ll go get it at the source
Dinaz : Wether you like it or not ! We’ll go get it at the source, get your gun shoot at the crowd
Djadja : We’ll go get it at the source
Dinaz : This is for all of my homies
Djadja & Dinaz : We’ll go get it at the source !!
Dinaz : Ratatata

1st verse (Dinaz) :
We’re posted up on the bloc
The fiends are coming through
If a homie stared you down
Ask him what’s the matter ?
Ask him, if he’s looking for problems or a lil something
Djadja give him a dose
I’ve got your girl at the ho-ho-ho-tel
Wallah qu’elle tape sa dernière pause (??)
But I don’t give a fu-uck
Thanks to my father, I don’t feel pain anymore
Yeah, yeah, fuck with me
I swear on my mother’s life that we’ll bring the guns out
They’re acting tough, yeah they’ll run, yeah they’ll run
Don’t act stupid, or else your life will be short
Hard work pays off, pays off
Make sure that the cops don’t break down your door
Switch the gears up
Fuck them all, this is for my cousin
BRI from the start, on s’fait toujours la cour, cour, cour (??)
I don’t give a fuck, fuck, fuck
We’ll take you on by the twelves
We’re coming in the rap game, we’re changing the theme
You want to fuck her, there’s no problems

Chorus : (x2)

2nd verse (Djadja) :
I’m hypnotised by the money, I think on it morning noon and night
Go fuck yourself, you’re not one of ours, why are you all up in our business ?
When I had problems, where were you ? Homie, you weren’t there !
Why are you looking at me sideways ? (Dinaz : go fuck your grandmother)
Are you trying to get scars ?
All it takes is my brothers, a pack of money and I’m ready, ready
You’re waiting on your paycheck, me I’m preparing one last hit, I would like to be able to escape, escape
I’m in trouble, apparently
But I’m ready, all these sons of bitches, I fuck them up one by one
Yeah, I fuck them up from Monday to Friday
My homies are telling me to come up for a hit
Ok Mehlich, we must not end up in a police van
With what is in my jean’s, I can supply a whole dopespot
They act stupid, they act crazy
But mehlish, the tables turn
Homie, the stand up guys are still standing
Despite the fact that they broke down our project buildings

Chorus : (x2)

Outro :
We’re entering the rap game and they’re shuddering like bitches, we’re after the loot (x3)
Fuck the Pierre-colinnet homie


  1. This is wrong translation wtf is that you remix everything you dont even understand them words

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